GUHHATL Recap: Bow Wow Gets Caught With Angela Simmons + Waka Apologizes to Tammy

GUHHATL Season 3 Episode 9
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Deb’s not interested in helping Waka make things right with Tammy.

Tonight’s episode begins with Waka and Deb out to eat. Deb’s on a diet and she’s not happy about it. Of course, Waka tells Deb about Tammy being upset about the High Times performance in California. Waka says it was a mistake not telling Tammy and wants help calming her down.

But Deb isn’t getting herself involved in their drama. Meanwhile, Tammy’s rehearsing for her performance with her mom, Anthony Burrell and Andrea Kelly coaching her. This is keeping her occupied enough not to go off on Waka.

JD’s at his office trying out some new vegan tacos when Bow Wow stops by. Bow Wow asks advice about his new fling Corri. He tells Bow Wow he’s already caught in Corri’s “web.” Interestingly enough, JD tells Bow Wow that they are probably attracted to women they shouldn’t be involved with.

Later on, Deb and Da Brat decide to debrief while getting massages. But Da Brat is still tense when it comes to Andrea Kelly. While Da Brat feels like she has a big heart, she doesn’t like Andrea like that. When Brat brings up how she knew R. Kelly since she was a teen, Deb awkwardly asks if R hit on her.

Although Brat feels the way she does, Deb still wants to work with Andrea.

Angela Simmons stops by in Atlanta.

The next morning, Bow Wow fixes breakfast and he’s hosting his ex, Angela Simmons. Bow Wow invites Angela to Shaniah’s birthday party, enticing her with vegan food. In his interview, Bow Wow brings up once again how he let Angela get away.

Of course, Bow Wow gets playful and flirts with her as his phone is blowing up. Angela brings up the photo of Corri she saw on Bow Wow’s Instagram page. Bow Wow is adamant he’s single. Interestingly enough, Bow Wow asks if sleeping with someone three times means you’re dating.

Angela brushes that off, telling him he should instead focus on dating to marry someone.

BT and Waka are hanging out playing pool and Waka’s looking for advice. Meanwhile, BT’s telling his story of how he came from Arkansas to make it in Atlanta. Waka asks to play Tammy’s single on the radio show. BT respects Waka and is happy to help him out.

Bow Wow’s out with Angela and gets in trouble with Corri.

JD’s at the Gold Room directing the setup for Shaniah’s birthday party. He wants everything to go well. From the look of things, everything is going well. Shaniah shows up with her boyfriend and the whole cast is present. Bow Wow shows up to the party and he doesn’t have Corri with him. Instead, Angela’s his guest and Ayana’s quick to run her mouth to Amy. Ayana tells Amy either Bow Wow’s cheating or Corri dumped him.

Teresa sees Bow Wow and Angela together and she’s quite happy about it. She feels Angela is the kind of woman Bow Wow needs in his life.

But the good times for Bow Wow end when Corri sees paparazzi photos of Bow Wow and Angela at the party.

Things get tense when Da Brat and Deb head to Andrea Kelly’s rehearsal. Andrea immediately notices Da Brat feels some type of way about her due to Brat’s relationship with R. Kelly. It’s masked by Da Brat’s concerns about Andrea working with her and Deb.

Waka apologizes to Tammy.

Waka surprises Tammy showing up to the dance studio. She’s not feeling him since doing his surprise performance in LA. Tammy is not going to approach him angrily even though she’s mad. He apologizes for leaving her behind. She tells him about Kandi’s Dungeon Tour and he’s happy for her.

The episode ends with Ayana calling Bow Wow to tell him about things Corri posted to Instagram in light of him being caught with Angela at Shaniah’s party. First, Ayana gossips about Corri’s arrest record, saying she seems violent.

Then, Ayana tells Bow Wow about a threat Corri posted. Ayana says Corri posted something like, “You think his old face scars look bad. Wait until I get done with him.”

That quote shocks Bow Wow.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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