‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Donna Says Sleeping with Coworkers Gives Her Points During a Hot Girl Summer

Photo Credit: VH1

Donna had some drama on the most recent episode of “Black Ink Crew.” She called out Walt and his new girlfriend Jess. Apparently, Jess helped Dutchess jump Donna years ago. While going at it with the new couple, Donna bragged about sleeping with Walt in the past.

And she also bragged about sleeping with multiple coworkers during a recent interview. Both Donna and Ceaser argued why they are a true Hot Girl and Hot Boy. Donna said she scored major points by sleeping with her coworkers. As well as having that moment with Alex in the public restroom.

Here’s what Donna told VH1:

And me to sleep with my coworkers, that’s so many points cause we just gotta liberate and be s*xually fluid and we do what we want, period.

Check out the video below.

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