‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Charley is Arrested + Sam Landry’s Daughter Threatens Havoc

Queen Sugar Season 4 Finale
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Micah apologizes to Charlie.

The episode opens with Charley and Micah having an awkward breakfast. Micah apologizes for upsetting her about his decision to go to Xavier instead of Harvard. But their conversation doesn’t go anywhere. Things take a surprising turn when sheriffs arrive to her home with a warrant for Charley’s arrest. Aunt Vi and Ralph Angel are at the station with Nova and Ralph Angel’s furious, going off on the Sheriff.

Fortunately, Charley received bail and walks out with her family. Reporters are waiting for Charley and she walks out to face them with her head held high. She calls the allegations stupidity and called out Sheriff Guidry and whoever is behind these tactics. Eventually, Aunt Vi makes it to the diner and meets with Sam Landry regarding her favor. He supplies bonds of documentation incriminating Frances. Apparently, Sam had a baby with a woman named Betty and they had a daughter who graduated from Spelman and Wharton School of Business. Sam loves Betty and Aunt Vi had to protect Sam from being disowned by his family.

At the end of their conversation, Aunt Vi quickly heads over to Charley’s. She gives Charley the details Sam pulled about Frances. In the documents, they discover large transactions for Hank Miller and emails between Frances and Hank regarding the ICE raid and the fire. Aunt Vi encourages to keep looking through the documents as there’s more incriminating information. Things calm down when Aunt Vi gets home as Hollywood’s cooking delectable treats for them both.

Aunt Vi suggests Hollywood opens up a restaurant of his own and he has her full support.

Blue’s sadden by Ernest’s gift.

The next morning, Darla stops by the farm with a surprise for Blue. She has a smile on her face, offering to cook a meal for Ralph Angel. He accepts and they share Ernest’s gift for Blue. Blue’s saddened a bit because of this and they both console him as he holds the gift, a big beach ball. Meanwhile, Calvin and Nova are looking at a new place together. Nova loves the place and it’s close enough to their families between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Calvin’s unfortunately nervous about meeting Nova’s family later but Nova’s rather excited by it.

Back at the farm, Darla has Ralph Angel sit down for a talk. They talk about the night of the storm and her relapse. Darla says she has to be accountable for her actions. On the other hand, Ralph Angel feels responsible and still feels like she was a victim. Darla wants him to stop looking at her that way. Ralph Angel says he can’t see her the old way, calling her braver than ever before.

“But I love it.” – Ralph Angel

They then exchange a kiss.

Charlie wins her election.

It’s election time in St. Joes and everyone is at the diner preparing for Charley’s Election Day event. The race is going to be really tight with polls saying it’s too close to call for either Charley or Jacob. Everyone’s attention turns from the election when Nova brings Calvin by the diner. Nova introduces Calving to Aunt Vi and Charley and they exchange pleasantries. However, Micah’s not as open to Calvin as everyone else. Ralph Angel walks in and just stares at Calvin and Nova. Overall, both Calvin and Nova say it went well. As the election ends, and Jacob has a narrow lead when votes begin to be counted. Charley does her best to keep the crowd interested. After the speech, Charley gives Ignacio’s son word she will help his parents get out of ICE holding.

Thankfully for Charley, the election breaks in Charley’s favor when she is called the winner of the election. The next day, Charley meets with Frances and Frances congratulates her on the victory. Frances extends an olive branch to Charley in the form of a bribe. She declines the bribe and tells Charley Hank Miller was arrested. The Louisiana State Troopers come in a short time later and arrest her. Afterward, Charley receives a message from Parker Campbell. Meanwhile, Nova comes by the farm to apologize to Ralph Angel. She also tells him their mom was buried on the farm.

Ralph Angel doesn’t believe her but Nova gives him their mom’s journal. Their mom didn’t want them to know so they wouldn’t be tied to the farm. Ralph Angel looks through the journal and remembers everything in the book. Nova then reads notes their mom wrote about their bond, noting their parents would’ve hated their siblings beefing. She then gets teary-eyed as she apologizes to Ralph Angel.

Ralph Angel seemingly accepts her apology and they want to embark on finding their mom’s final resting place.

Sam’s secret is revealed to Charley.

Charley makes it to Parker Campbell’s office and is surprised to see it’s a black woman. Parker tells Charley the highway is still getting built, asking that she doesn’t stand in her way. The twists get even crazier when Sam Landry walks into the office. Parker is Sam’s daughter. She tells Charley the farm is going to be condemned and taken away from Ralph Angel if she doesn’t cooperate. As this goes on, Prosper stops by the farm and Ralph and Nova ask him questions about Ernest, their mom True, and how she’s buried on the land.

Back at her new home with Calvin, Nova begins writing a book about her mom. Meanwhile, Micah’s in New Orleans with Keke, Aunt Vi, and Hollywood are lounging and Charley received her city council portrait. Lastly, Blue’s parents have him in a pool swimming with the beach ball Ernest gave him.

The season ends with the family standing around True’s resting place dressed in all white. They place a headstone on True’s burial spot and have a ceremony.

What are your thoughts on the episode and the season?

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