‘Power’ Recap: Proctor Makes a Move That Will Cost Him + Tariq is in Too Deep

Ghost speaks to Angela, sort of.

After Ghost wakes up, he hallucinates and sees Angela. They have a conversation about what happened to her. Ghost says he’s still trying to become the man she wanted him to be. But Angela isn’t buying it. She believes Tommy still being alive and Ghost dealing with Jason proves he isn’t changing. Ghost then gets a phone call from Jason saying he’s running out of time and Jason wants the $100,000 he’s owed.

Tommy meets up with his crew and tells them getting Maria was such a success that Jason is sending them a shipment. Not too long after he gets a text from Keisha. She tells Tommy that his mom Kate is at his place and she questions if Kate will be spending the night there. Tommy leaves to see what’s going on.

When he gets to his loft, he finds Kate there smoking a cigarette. She tells Tommy that she needs to be there for two days because her place is being fumigated. After he leaves, Kate tells Keisha that Holly didn’t cook for Tommy. And they had a very bad breakup.

Dre comes face to face with Ghost.

Proctor’s ex-wife Lindsay meets with Saxe again. He listens to the audio from the wire and hears that Lindsay has been having a hard time getting along with their daughter Elisa Marie. In fact, Elisa told Lindsay that she’s a “b*tch” when she’s clean. Lindsay responded by slapping Elise. Regardless, Saxe says nothing from the audio will incriminate Proctor. And if Lindsay doesn’t get something soon, she won’t be getting full custody of their daughter. She says she can try to get something regarding Tommy.

Ghost is in his office and gets a visit from Proctor. He goes off when he sees that Dre is with him. Ghost immediately takes a pen and threatens to stab Dre to death in his office. Proctor tries to calm Ghost down and tells Dre to start talking. Dre explains that Saxe is on him and has his daughter. He’s been asked to flip on Ghost and there’s a female witness that is ready to testify against Ghost. She was the girlfriend of a man he murdered.

Proctor wants to use Dre as a way to control the narrative with the feds. But Ghost isn’t sure that Dre can be trusted. So Ghost tells Dre he must vindicate him or Ghost will kill him. Dre reluctantly agrees and Proctor tells Dre to find Maria.

Jason has run out of patience.

Tasha is checking out the new spot for her daycare business. She tells her lawyer not to move on the divorce until she says so. While she’s there, she runs into a man named Quinton. He has a four-year-old daughter and he’s thankful there will be a daycare center so close to him now. He tells Tasha that his ex got hooked on drugs. So he’s a single dad. They flirt and Tasha gives him her number.

While there, Tasha gets a phone call about Raina’s trust. It was dissolved, and the man on the phone tells her that she will have to resign the documents she signed to dissolve it with her new maiden name. But Tasha doesn’t recall ever signing the paperwork in the first place. However, she is told Ghost came by and turned in the documents with her signature.

Ghost gets a visit from Jason’s goons. They tell Ghost to pay the $100,000 or he will be killed. Ghost doesn’t back down and says he doesn’t have the money. And if Jason keeps this up, he won’t be able to run his businesses. But Jason’s men insist that Ghost makes a way out of no way. Before they leave, one mentions that they have a shipment to get to with the Irish later that day.

So Ghost meets up with Tate and asks that he shuts down an “entire city block.” While Tate agrees to this, he doesn’t trust Ghost’s motives. After Ghost leaves, Tate texts Will to keep an eye on Ghost. Will is the speech heckler he assigned to do research on Ghost.

Ghost tries to kill Tommy, again.

While doing his homework, Tariq gets a text from Vincent. The text simply reads, “Delivery time.” Tariq leaves and sneaks into Tommy’s stash house. There he takes some pills and packs them away in his bag. He hears Grimace, 2 Bit and Spanky enter and hides. Grimace and 2 Bit start arguing and Spanky has to calm both men down. They all walk away and Tariq is able to escape being caught.

Tasha storms into Tate’s campaign headquarters. After Ramona tells her Tate isn’t there, she tells Ramona how Ghost dissolved Raina’s trust. And half of that money was hers. Ramona tells Tasha to just let it go because Ghost probably used that money to fund the QCP. Also, she was left with nothing when her marriage ended. She wants Tasha to forget about Ghost. Tasha isn’t hearing this and says that she started the daycare to become independent. But Ramona doesn’t have any kids, so she can’t understand what Tasha is going through right now.

Tommy and his crew prepare to go make their “deliveries.” Grimace learns that there was a gas leak, so they aren’t letting people drive through. So Tommy and 2 Bit get in the ambulance. They successfully leave, but Ghost rams them from the side and starts shooting. Tommy and 2 Bit are able to get away without getting shot. However, Will was on the scene and told Tate. Cops are there and force Ghost to exit the car, preventing him from chasing down Tommy and 2 Bit.

Tate and Ghost have another tense moment.

The police take Ghost to his office. Tate is there sitting in his chair. Tate tells Ghost that he knew he would so something stupid. But he has resources and police who are loyal to him. He wants Ghost to stop what he’s doing. After the police leave, Ghost tells Tate that Tommy is very dangerous. And he didn’t tell Tate what was going on to protect him. But now Tommy will find out that Tate was the one who called in the gas leak for him and basically set up the scene for Ghost to ambush Tommy. And Ghost won’t be able to protect Tate and the two police officers he just got involved. So he warns Tate to stay out of the way so no one gets hurt.

After Tate leaves, Ghost hallucinates again and sees Angela. She tells him she never told him to kill Tommy. She just asked him why he didn’t. Actions “make the man” and she questions what kind of man Ghost is.

Tasha is in her office at her new daycare center. Quinton pops up and compliments the progress she’s made. He asks her if she wants to go out for a drink. She says no but offers some wine for them to enjoy in her office. They begin to make out and nearly have s*x. But Tasha stops Quinton, and says she doesn’t want to be that kind of woman. So Quinton respects this and they agree to go out on an actual date soon.

Ghost finds Maria.

Dre meets up with Saxe, again, This time Ghost and Proctor are listening in. Dre tells Saxe he doesn’t have anything on Ghost except Ghost telling him he needs to get rid of a female witness. Saxe panics and Dre follows him to Maria’s location. Dre then texts Proctor that he has Maria’s address.

Later on, Jason and his goons arrive to Truth. Jason admits that he set up Ghost by having one of his men tell Ghost where Tommy would be. But he’s impressed that Ghost used his connections to ambush Tommy. And that’s why Ghost would be a better fit as the distro. All he has to do is kill Tommy. But Ghost doesn’t want to be back in the business. As all of this is going on, Dre is upstairs watching and listening. Once Jason leaves, Ghost gets an envelope and his gun out of the safe. He tells Dre to come with him and Dre texts Saxe that Ghost is strapped and on the move.

Ghost and Dre get to Maria’s place. Dre lies and says he’s the maintenance man. Ghost then enters the apartment and puts on his leather gloves. He hands over the envelope to Maria. As she cries, he tells her that’s money inside the envelope and she can use it to start a new life instead of testifying. They leave and Dre texts Saxe that Ghost didn’t kill Maria so he needs the feds to stay back. Dre and Ghost pull off, Ghost and Dre see the feds come to the building. They suddenly don’t enter.

Vincent and Tommy clash.

Tommy stops by to see Vincent. He asks Vincent to work with him and use his supplier. But Vincent turns down the offer and says he has his own source. When Tommy asks who, Vincent hands him over some of the pills. Tommy realizes that it’s his pills. He calls Vincent out on this and demands to know where he got them from. Vincent says one of Kanan’s friends and Tommy says Tariq is his godson. He demands Vincent leaves Tariq alone and this sets Vincent off. Vincent reminds Tommy that he got his godson Carmine killed. So he’s not about to let Tommy walk up in his business and make demands.

Saxe and Dre talk on the phone. At this point, Saxe is irritated. He’s getting mixed signals from Dre. But Dre is just as confused. He doesn’t understand why Ghost didn’t kill Maria and gave her money instead.

Keisha is still hanging out with Kate. She asks about Holly until Cash walks in. He doesn’t speak and she begins to investigate him. She finds out he has a busted lip and got jumped by the neighborhood kids. They even stole his book bag. Keisha immediately wants to handle these kids but Kate says this could hurt Tommy’s business. But she realizes she would do the same for Tommy if he were still Cash’s age. So Keisha leaves with Cash to get her revenge.

Saxe has another talk with Proctor. He gets in his head and tells him Lindsay’s going to beat him in court. And he doesn’t understand why Proctor continues to work with Ghost. He urges Proctor to save himself.

Vincent confronts Tariq.

Tommy goes to Choate to confront Tariq. He asks him how he got his pills. Tariq lies and says he got them from Kanan before he died. Tommy believes this and tells Tariq to stop selling drugs. He loves him and he doesn’t want him to get into the lifestyle. Tariq agrees to stop and Tommy takes the pills on his way out.

Ghost storms into Tasha’s daycare. He tells her he knows what Tate did for her and she had no right to steal Raina’s money back. But Tasha doesn’t back down. She tells him he committed fraud by forging her signature. And Raina never wanted her name on some building. That’s what Ghost wanted. She believes Raina would support her having a daycare center. Quinton returns and tries to speak to Ghost. But Ghost doesn’t speak and just gives him the death stare before Tasha takes Quinton outside to show him her new sign.

When Tommy comes home, he gets irritated to see that Kate is still there. She made him some lasagna she believes he always loved. Kate tells him Keisha is not the one. And that’s because Keisha will always put her son before Tommy. And things won’t end well between them. But Tommy isn’t trying to hear this and kicks her out.

Vincent has Tariq come by again. He slams Tariq’s head into the bar after telling him that he knows he’s Tommy’s godson and Ghost’s son. But he is not going to allow anyone to tell him who he can and cannot work with. So Tariq is supposed to return with twice the weight in two days. After Tariq leaves, Vincent says he knows he can kill Tariq whenever he wants and take all of his drugs. But working with Tariq gives Vincent control over Ghost and Tommy. And he’s not ready to give that up.

Lindsay overdoses.

Proctor drops Elisa Marie over to her mom’s place. Lindsay gets the mail and Proctor makes small talk. He tells her he’s happy that things are going great for both of them. He met someone at work and he’s really happy. Proctor then shows off a ring he claims he bought for the woman. Meanwhile, Lindsay opens up a letter that tells her she failed the bar exam. Proctor leaves and Lindsay texts someone to bring her drugs ASAP.

Tariq is with Effie. She asks how he got the bruise on his face but he tells her he can’t talk about it. They start kissing.

Tasha is back at the daycare. Quinton comes in and she takes him to her office. She tells him that they can’t date. Quinton knows it’s because of Ghost and says he can handle him. But Tasha makes it clear that she doesn’t want them to move forward.

Proctor returns to Lindsay’s place. His daughter called him over because Lindsay is high again. He asks her how much coke she’s done and she starts to complain about being in pain. She asks him to call the police and he starts to but then stops as he sees her dying. Proctor tells her he won’t let her take his daughter away and this is recorded on the wire set up by Saxe. Lindsay dies.

Tommy tells Keisha what Kate said.

As Tommy and Keisha are in bed, he tells Keisha what Kate said. She doesn’t agree with her and neither does Tommy. Tommy says Keisha and Cash are the family members he’s always wanted. And he used to look at Ghost as his family. But what he’s always needed was with Keisha the whole time. Meanwhile, Ghost hallucinates and sees Angela again. He tells her that he’s going to become the man he’s always wanted to be. He’s not doing it for her but for himself. And he didn’t even kill Maria. But his hallucination of Angela tells him he will kill Maria before disappearing.

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