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‘Power’ Recap: Tariq & Proctor Get Caught Up

Power Starz Season 6 Episode 5

Photo Credit: Starz

Blanca doesn’t believe Ghost killed Angela.

Tariq is playing chess with Effie. While it looks as if she might win the game, Tariq surprises her by sacrificing his pawns. He points out to her that she lost because she was trying to defend hers. He gets a text message from Vincent saying they must meet later that night. Effie decides to leave since she knows Tariq will probably have to head out. On her way out, she texts someone that their competition (Tariq) may be out of product. She plans to keep an eye out on him.

Ghost meets up with Ramona and Tate. He doesn’t want to be a part of Tate’s campaign anymore. The heckler who correctly pointed out his past reminded him that he can’t run from it. While Tate is thrilled about this, Ramona is not. And she says that Tate had an uptick in the polls after Ghost became a focal point. She thinks Tate should keep Ghost around so he can win the election. Ghost says it’s Tate’s decision and Tate says it’s best fo Ghost to leave since he can’t escape his past. After Tate leaves, Ramona tells Ghost he should try to stay on so he can really prove he’s not who he used to be.

Blanca tells Saxe there’s no way Ghost killed Angela. She explains that Angela’s gunshot wound came from above, not from in front of her where Ghost was. But Saxe doesn’t want to accept this. He says Ghost must have hired the shooter and he knows who did it. Blanca still believes Ghost had nothing to do with it and it’s just a matter of time before he gets revenge on the shooter.

Saxe learns of the death of Proctor’s ex.

Tommy and Tasha meet up in his new car. Tasha tells him she needs money and the daycare won’t be profitable anytime soon. So Tommy offers to give her some. She offers to let him wash his money at the daycare, but he says Keisha will be cleaning his money at her hair salon. Tasha says Keisha is only doing this to keep Tasha from doing it. Either way, Tasha warns Tommy to be careful trusting Keisha. She’s not really built for the lifestyle and she could take all of them down. They then discuss Ghost. Tommy wants Tasha to put his name on the penthouse guest list so he can kill Ghost. But Tasha says no because it’s not the right time.

Saxe puts more pressure on Dre. He asks for more information on Ghost and wants proof that Ghost killed Angela. Dre says the only thing he knows is that Ghost recently met with Jason. And Jason happens to be Tommy’s supply source. He’s unsure of what business Ghost has with Jason. Saxe gets a text from Warner telling him they have to meet now.

Warner updates Saxe.

When Saxe meets with Warner, he gets called out for sending officers to Maria’s location. Apparently, Maria has decided to change her testimony. Saxe says Dre has been working for him and was with Ghost when he gave Maria money to not testify. He isn’t sure how Ghost or Dre found out Maria’s location. Saxe hopes he can still turn Proctor using Proctor’s ex-wife Lindsey. However, Warner tells him that Proctor’s ex died of an overdose. And Proctor was the person who called it in. So Saxe will go with Warner to interview Proctor about the overdose.

Tasha is still at the daycare working late waiting on one of the parents to pick up the last child. The child’s mother, Epiphany, finally strolls in. She agrees to pay double the late fee the next day since she’s currently strapped for cash. After she leaves, Tasha locks up. On her way to her car, a man named Ziggy tells her that she needs to pay him to keep her business safe from crime. He tells her she has no choice before walking away.

Effie follows Tariq.

Dre talks to Ghost about Jason. Ghost says Jason wants him to replace his distro. Since Ghost no longer talks to Tommy, he can only assume that Tommy is still his distro. But Jason only accepted Ghost declining his offer because he asked Ghost to find him another replacement. Dre says he can do it but Ghost reminds him he can’t because he’s been working with Saxe. Jason will kill them both if he finds out Dre has been talking to the feds.

Saxe heads to Proctor’s place with Warner. Proctor has his cousin Benny hide upstairs with his daughter while he talks to Warner and Saxe. He tells both that his daughter called him when Lindsey overdosed. By the time he made it, she was already dead. Warner says that Maria now remembers what Ghost looks like. Proctor isn’t buying this. So Saxe pretends to go to the restroom to pick up the wire on Proctor’s daughter’s book bag.

Tariq goes to one of the classrooms to pick up his stash. While he’s looking over pills, Effie watches him from afar. Apparently, she followed him. Tariq has no idea he’s being watched.

Tariq meets with Vincent.

Proctor tells Ghost that Maria has updated her testimony and she’s willing to identify Ghost in court. He doesn’t understand why Ghost continues to let Maria live. But Ghost says Maria has always been innocent. Tommy was the one who roped her in. Proctor says Ghost will have to kill Maria before his true past becomes public. But Ghost remains unmoved and asks Proctor to leave.

Tariq meets with Vincent and his goons. He hands over a duffle bag of pills. Vince checks everything out and warns Tariq to never cross him. Tariq says he’s a man of his word and they won’t have any problems doing business together.

Tommy is ready to do Proctor a favor.

Proctor meets up with Tommy. Before Tommy arrives, he texts Benny saying he’s “handling it.” The conversation starts off tense since Tommy puts a knife to Proctor’s neck at first. He tells Tommy that Maria is going to testify against Tommy and Ghost. And if that happens, he’s next because they are all linked together. So Maria must be taken out. Tommy agrees to do it and asks for Maria’s location.

Tasha is at the store trying to return items for cash. The items still have price tags on them. But the store associate refuses and tells Tasha she can go to the ATM if she needs money. Keisha shows up with shopping bags. She taunts Tasha about her money problems and confirms the salon is doing well. Keisha tells Tasha that she met Kate recently and she made strange comments about Holly. So she wants to know what happened to Holly. Tasha tells her that Holly just got over her head and Keisha needs to be careful not to do the same with Tommy. Keisha doesn’t believe this could ever happen because she has Tommy “on lock.”

Tariq is expelled from school.

As Proctor approaches his condo, he gets a visit from Saxe. Saxe plays the recording of Lindsey telling him to help her as she overdosed and Proctor refusing to do so. Proctor threatens to sue because it was an illegal wire. But Saxe says suing him will only get the recording played in court and his daughter will hate him for letting her mother die. Saxe will erase the recording if Proctor tells him who killed Angela.

When he walks inside his condo, he tells his cousin Benny what happened with Saxe. He confirms his role in his ex-wife’s Lindsey’s death. And that Tommy killed Angela. Benny tells Proctor to just get his laptop that proves Tommy killed the homeland security officer. But Proctor says he got rid of the laptop. Although Benny is willing to kill Ghost and Tommy, Proctor doesn’t want him to throw his life away. So he will try to figure out how to get himself out of the situation. He doesn’t want to snitch. Benny hands him a gun to use for protection and to deal with Tommy and Ghost.

Proctor gives in.

So Proctor decides to meet with Saxe again. Saxe tries to convince Proctor to sign an Informant contract, but he refuses. He says he will only testify but that is it. And Tommy is the one who killed Angela. Ghost had nothing to do with it. Saxe refuses to believe this and says he won’t be needing Proctor to testify. Regardless, Proctor says that their deal sticks and the recording must be deleted. Saxe agrees and offers to place Proctor and his daughter in witness protection. Proctor says he’d prefer to protect himself and his daughter considering Saxe’s track record with keeping people safe.

Tasha and one of the deans at Choate arrive to Tariq’s room. Tasha learns Tariq has been accused of selling drugs on the campus. And they found his stash in one of the classrooms. Tariq says that the pills are just baby aspirin but the students think they are something much stronger. He is expelled from school and Tasha is furious. On his way out of his dorm room, Tariq looks at the chessboard, possibly realizing Effie is the one who told on him.

Tariq doesn’t back down to Ghost.

Proctor comes to Ghost’s condo with his things and his daughter. He says he needs somewhere to stay because he’s testifying against a dirty former client. Lindsey overdosed and they will take his daughter if he doesn’t testify. Ghost agrees to let them stay and they get squared away in Ghost’s office and Raina’s old room. Minutes later, Tasha arrives with Tariq. She informs Ghost that Tariq was expelled from school.

Ghost is furious and he tells Tariq that Kanan has convinced Tariq that they are just alike. But Tariq says that he’s actually just like Ghost. And dealing drugs isn’t bad. It’s what made Ghost wealthy. Ghost snaps and tries to attack Tariq but Tasha intervenes. As Tariq is sent away to his room, Ghost tells Tasha that Tariq being who he is now is all her fault. But she reminds him that Tariq is their son. And he’s under no one’s influence. Ghost needs to know this is who Tariq really is.

Minutes later, Proctor tells his daughter that they are in Ghost’s penthouse to be safe. He gifts her a necklace that is a locket. He opens the heart and shows her a chip that he says this is his little secret and he needs her to keep it safe for him. This appears to be audio of Tommy killing the homeland security officer.

Tommy handles Maria.

Tasha catches up with Tommy. She tells him Tariq was expelled for selling drugs. Plus, Proctor appears to be staying with Ghost. This catches Tommy’s attention. And she asks for money but Tommy says he can’t help her because Keisha was angry after she ran into Tasha at the store. This upsets Tasha and she tells Tommy that he felt the same way about Holly. An angry Tommy then demands Tasha gets out the car before speeding away.

She then runs int Ziggy and tells him she doesn’t have his money. But she heard he moves weight and she can help him. Ziggy agrees and gives her a small amount of his product to sell. Tasha is ready to prove herself.

Tommy gets in Maria’s apartment through the window. He waits in a closet while she talks to Saxe. She confirms she’s changing her testimony and she can identify Ghost now. Saxe tells her Proctor will testify as well. Tommy hears this and after Saxe leaves, he shoots Maria in the head.

Ghost has dinner with Ramona. He learns that Tate is tanking and needs him back on board with the campaign. He agrees to it and Ramona tells Ghost that Tate has been her second chance and can be for Ghost as well. There’s some flirting. They agree to have dinner again.

Tommy warns Tariq.

While in Ghost’s kitchen, Proctor gets a call from Charlie. Charlie is the court guard who helped with Alicia Jimenez’s kidnapping. He tells Proctor that he needs to talk because people are asking him about Alicia. Proctor says they can’t talk now because he’s at a friend’s place in Tribeca. They hang up and Charlie repeats this to 2 Bit. 2 Bit shoots Charlie to death in the trunk of his car. He then calls Tommy and says Proctor is in Tribeca.

Tommy calls Tariq. Tariq apologizes for being expelled but Tommy says they will deal with that later. He asks Tariq if he’s at the penthouse alone. Tariq says he’s not sure but he’s there and Ghost may not be. Tommy tells him to unlock the back door and turn off the security alarm. And Tariq needs to leave there right now. Tommy assures Tariq it’s not Ghost he’s on the way to deal with. On the way out, Tariq hears Proctor’s daughter in Raina’s room. He persuades her to leave with him to get hot chocolate down the street.

Proctor is killed.

Tasha calls up Epiphany and thanks her for the info on Ziggy. She wonders if Epiphany will be open to helping her with another business. She rubs the drugs Ziggy gives her. And Epiphany says she is open as long as she can still be a dancer.

Proctor gets a call from Benny. They discuss Charlie and Benny says Charlie probably just wants more money. He will get in touch with Charlie for Proctor to see what he wants. After he hangs up, Tommy shows up. He has a gun out and calls Proctor a rat. Proctor starts running in the house and pulls out the gun Benny gave him to shoot back at Tommy. He gets shot in the leg before going to Raina’s room from the window.  When he sees his daughter isn’t there, he calls her and she tells him she’s with Tariq getting hot chocolate. Proctor tells her not to come back to the penthouse and go to Benny’s now. He tells her he loves her before getting shot and killed by Tommy.

Tariq gets caught up.

Ghost goes back to Maria’s place dressed in all black. He’s prepared to kill her. Instead, he finds her corpse on the ground. And he sees that the money he gave her is gone.

Tariq drops Proctor’s daughter off at Benny’s and they silently give each other a nod. Before he can head back, Vincent and his goons pull up. Vincent says they followed Tariq back to the city and they have a major problem to deal with. Tariq is forced into the car.

When Ghost arrives at the penthouse, he sees police everywhere. Blanca and Saxe tell him Proctor is dead. With the bullet holes everywhere, they wonder who is trying to kill Ghost. Ghost is speechless and gets a phone call from Tariq. Meanwhile, Tariq texts Tommy to meet him. Both Ghost and Tommy show up and are told by Vincent he arranged the meet up. Tariq “cut” his drugs and he wants $2 million dollars in 24 hours or Tariq is dead.

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