LHHH Recap: Lyrica Moves Out + Apryl Slips Up & Calls Fizz Bae After Denying Relationship

The conversation between K. Michelle and Tonai continues.

K. Michelle talks to her potential surrogate Tonai and voices her concerns. She just wants things to remain professional. And she worries that Tonai’s boyfriend oversteps boundaries. So she tells Tonai that she needs to get her boyfriend in check Tonai says that she will handle things so K. Michelle needs to think things over. She really wants a surrogate who is close to perfect. Regardless, Tonai thinks she’s the best woman for the job.

Apryl makes it to her mom’s house in Chicago. In a green screen interview, Apryl says she has come a long way with her mother. And they are now best friends. In a green screen interview, Apryl says her grandmother raised her for six years, so that is one of the reasons why her relationship with her mother was rocky at first.

She discusses how hard the breakup with Omarion was for her. Tears are shed by her and her mother. For Apryl, Drew was a savior. And she doesn’t like that their friendship is causing controversy for Fizz on a professional level.

It may be time for Apple to reconnect with her mother.

Apple is still healing from her surgery. She’s happy to have bigger boobs but she’s in a lot of pain. Brittany B. comes by to see how Apple is doing. Bonnie, Apple’s play sister, is there helping Apple out. As Apple continues to stay bedridden, Brittany B. vents about what happened with Lyrica. Although Brittany B. is over trying to patch things up with Lyrica, she says she will consider it if that’s what Apple wants.

The women change topics. Apple’s mother reached out recently. They don’t really get along so Apple isn’t really trying to communicate. Brittany B understands this because she doesn’t have the best relationship with her mother either. In fact, they haven’t spoken in five years. And her mother used to be on drugs. Apple can relate and she’s trying to fight her own addiction with alcohol.

In a green screen interview, Apple says that she doesn’t want to end up like her mother and be hooked on drugs. So she knows she has a lot of work to do on herself. But talking to her mom isn’t something she may need to keep putting off.

Zell explains himself.

Lyrica attends one of Lyrica G’s performances. The song Lyrica G. is performing was produced by Dalvin from Jodeci. While Lyrica is talking to Dalvin with her mother, Brittany B. walks up to speak. In a green screen interview, Brittany B. says she just wants a clean slate. As Brittany B. and Lyrica talk, Pam walks up. She says she still wants to be good with Lyrica G because they are both grandparents to Ocean. Pam and Lyrica G actually hug it out before walking away to mingle with other guests together.

Brittany B. and Lyrica discuss Summer Bunni. Not too long after, Zell Swag walks up to the venue. In a green screen interview, he says he never had messy intentions when he was on Instagram Live with Summer Bunni. And he considers Lyrica to be one of his real friends. He gets into an argument with Brittany B. before she walks away. He tells Lyrica that he didn’t connect with summer Bunni on Instagram to be messy. Misster Ray asked if Zell could style Summer for an event, so he hit her up. And she took the opportunity to slam Lyrica. Lyrica believes him and accepts his apology before they hug it out.

Apple meets up with her mother Henri and her sister Dominique. She was supposed to be raised by her grandmother but her grandmother dumped her and Dominique off in the foster care system and chose to look after her triplet sisters instead. Apple wishes her mother could have saved them but it never happened. Henri says this is because she had a lot of legal problems. Regardless, Apple is willing to forgive her mother so they can move forward. They joke about Dominique currently being on house arrest.

Lyrica moves out.

Earlier that day, Lyrica received DMs from a young woman claiming her friend slept with A1 after meeting him on a flight. A1 went behind Lyrica’s back and deleted the messages. So Lyrica thinks this proves guilt. So she’s decided to move out. While Sia is helping her pack her things, her mother Lyrica G comes over.  After she is told what happened, Lyrica G tells her daughter she’s right to leave. In a green screen interview, Lyrica says that A1 will still be in Ocean’s life but they can’t be together anymore.

After Fizz makes it to Chicago, Apryl slips up.

Apryl goes to 9Mag with Paris. She jokingly asks Ryan to give her a tattoo for free. When he scoffs at this, she says she will sleep with him for a tattoo. Everyone laughs.

On her last night in Chicago, Apryl has dinner with friends and family. Fizz is there and the B2K concert is that night. Apryl has decided not to go. Fizz thinks it’s unfair that Apryl can’t attend without it causing controversy. Both Apryl and her mom break down in tears as they praise Fizz for being there for Apryl during her breakup. Paris encourages Fizz and Apryl to be together. But they say they are just friends, even though Apryl says “bye babe” to Fizz as he leaves for the show.

A1 gets back to the house and sees that Lyrica and Ocean are gone. He calls Ray J over to Vent. Ray pushes A1 to contact Lyrica and get his son back. A1 denies that he slept with the woman he met on a recent flight. As the two men speak, they hear some commotion downstairs as if someone was there in the house and just walked out. Both men get up to find out what’s going on before the episode ends.

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