‘Basketball Wives’ Star Cece Gutierrez Thinks She’s Disliked Because She’s Not a Black Woman?

Photo Credit: VH1

Cece Gutierrez’s latest season of “Basketball Wives” has been a tough one. Things have gotten worse between her and Kristen Scott. And it doesn’t seem like things will get better. Now she’s been clashing with Evelyn Lozada. Shaunie O’Neal isn’t a fan. And Cece feels like Malaysia Pargo isn’t loyal. Meanwhile, Feby Torres didn’t like that Cece told OG about Thomas Scott being adopted.

Regardless, one fan of the show believes there’s another reason why Cece isn’t popular with the group. The Instagram user believes it’s because Byron isn’t marrying a black woman. Interestingly enough, Cece liked this comment. Check out the screenshots below.

Do you think the fan could be right?

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