‘Power’ Recap: Tariq Gets Played by Vincent + Benny Comes Through

Tariq and Vincent are working together.

Vincent goes back to the jeep Tariq is in. He tells Tariq that he was right. Tommy and Ghost will do anything if they believe he is in danger. They agree to split the ransom money 50/50. After Vince walks away, he tells one of his men that he’s going to kill Tariq, Ghost, and Tommy after he gets the money.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Ghost agree they will have to put the beef aside and work together. Ghost says he will have to get his hands on some cash. And Tommy will get the drugs needed to sell from Jason.

Ghost later goes to Tate and says he needs $1 million. He will return it in 24 hours. Tate refuses. But Ghost says he knows Tate is skimming money from his campaign. He will tell Ramona if Tate doesn’t give him the money. Tate reluctantly agrees and tells Ghost he has only 24 hours to return the money to him.

Dre is pulled back in.

Tommy meets with Jason to get the product. Jason says this is the largest amount of product Tommy has ever asked for. When he asks what’s going on, Tommy reminds Jason that he doesn’t need to know as long as he is getting his money. Jason confirms this is true for him. As for Ghost, he meets with Dre and says he needs a temporary crew. And he wants Dre to sell the product. If Dre agrees, Tate will be able to use his connections to get Dre’s daughter back from Saxe. Plus, Ghost will get Dre his spot as distro in Jason’s crew. But since Ghost doesn’t trust Dre, Dre has to work with Alphonse.

Tommy updates his crew. He tells them they will have to pull this off for free and Tariq was kidnapped by Jason. When Ghost arrives outside his penthouse, police are still everywhere. He is asked by one of the officers to step outside his car. He’s told by Blanca that Proctor’s death is being investigated. And they want to speak to Tariq and see if he knows anything.

The money is made.

Vincent rolls up on Tasha. He updates her on what’s going on with Tariq. Tasha says that Ghost didn’t tell her anything. Before she walks off, Vincent tells her that she needs to make sure that Tommy and Ghost do what they were told. When Vincent gets back to the jeep, he tells Tariq that he was right about Ghost not telling Tasha anything. And Tariq gloats about knowing how everyone moves.

Tasha storms into Tommy’s place. She finds Tommy, Keisha and Ghost there. She goes off on Ghost for not telling her what’s going on. She offers to clean the money with her daycare business. But Keisha says she has that covered. Tasha insists that she helps Keisha and Keisha refuses. But Tommy tells Keisha that she could use Tasha’s help.  Ghost leaves before not coming clean to Tommy about Dre being a part of the plan.

While Keisha and Tasha are at the daycare going over washing the cash, Ziggy pops up. Keisha steps away so he can talk to Tasha alone. Tasha hands Ziggy the cash she got from selling his product. He tells her he will trust her with more before leaving. When Keisha returns, Tasha comes clean about her dealings with Ziggy. Keisha tells Tasha to contact Epiphany and see how much of Jason’s product she can move in the club she works at. The group is able to sell all the drugs and Dre even stabs a dealer on the street from another gang to get it done.

Jason ruins the plan.

Tommy and Ghost are en route to turn over the money to Vincent. After Ghost asks what happens when this is over, Tommy confirms that he still wants to kill Ghost. They are ambushed by Jason and his men. Jason believes that Tommy and Ghost have been working together the whole time. So he takes half saying they owe him money anyway.

Vincent is heated when they get there with only $1 million. He beats up Tariq in front of them and says they only have 24 more hours to get another million. After Tommy and Ghost leave, a hurt Tariq tells Vincent that this wasn’t part of their plan. But Vincent says it’s his plan now.

Tommy and Ghost tell Keisha and Tasha what happened. Keisha pushes Tasha to tell them about Ziggy. She does and says she will get more drugs from him to get the money. Ghost and Tommy are stunned she’s been dealing drugs for someone they don’t know. After Keisha and Tommy are left alone, Keisha says she wants them to really be done with Tasha and Ghost once this is over.

Benny is contacted.

Ghost catches up with Benny. He tells Benny the name of the client Proctor said he was testifying against. Plus, he needs Benny to help him move the product. Benny agrees to help.

Blanca stops by Tasha’s daycare. She informs Tasha that Proctor was killed. And they need to speak with Tariq later that day. So Tasha will need to make the arrangements. She leaves and later tells Ghost that Blanca is looking for Tariq. Vincent will be notified that the authorities want to talk to Tariq. It will be in Vincent’s best interest to agree to this.

Vincent agrees and he and his men drive Tasha and Tariq to meet with Blanca. They wait out in the car. Tariq says he turned off the security alarm and left out the back door because it is a racist man who lives in the building he likes to avoid. But he got some hot chocolate the night of Proctor’s death. And he doesn’t know who killed Proctor. On the way out, Tariq tells Tasha that he overheard Vincent tell his men that he’s killing Tariq, Ghost, and Tommy. Regardless, Tariq gets back in Vincent’s car because he has no choice.

The plan is changed, again.

Ghost, Tommy, Tasha, and Keisha let Grim in Tommy’s place. He says that Ziggy’s product isn’t well-liked on the streets. They only made $40,000 from it. So Tasha has an idea to have a crew come in and rob the rich people at Tate’s upcoming fundraiser. So Tommy says the only way to get Vincent to listen is to take one of his men. So he and Grim do just that.

At the fundraiser, Tate asks Ghost how he got the $1 million back so soon. Ghost doesn’t answer and gives Tate the recording of Tate’s conversation with Alphonse. He says they are now even.

Benny sets Vincent straight.

Alphonse, 2 Bit, Grim and Spanky show up dressed for Tate’s event. Spanky sees that Dre is there trying to piece everything together. Spanky sees him and tries to follow him outside with his gun out. But Dre slips away. Not too long after, Spanky and the others put on their ski masks. They then rob Ghost and the rest of the attendees. Alphonse is the last one left. He takes too long taunting Ramona on his way out. Tate tells Ghost he’s sure that it’s Alphonse behind the mask. So Ghost gives Tate his gun and allows Tate to be the hero of the night and kill Alphonse. Later, Tate tells the reporters Alphonse was a good young man who became a victim of the streets. Tate’s campaign plans to return all money and items to the donors.

Tommy and Ghost go to drop off the money and get Tariq. Vincent takes the money and then says he’s not giving them Tariq. Seconds later, Benny and his crew pull up. Benny tells Vincent that Tariq kept his niece safe. So Vincent will not harm Tariq unless he wants to go to war. Vincent doesn’t want a war with Benny. So he hands over Tariq and says the $2 million makes up for Tariq cutting the product with pain pills.

Tommy and Ghost figure things out.

After Vincent leaves, Benny tells Tommy he was happy to help because Ghost told him the former client who was intending to kill Proctor. Tommy is uncomfortable and Benny leaves. Later that night, Ghost tells Tasha that Tommy killed Proctor. And he had help from Tariq. Tasha agrees and says Tariq lied to the police about what happened that night.

Tommy later tells Keisha that he’s sure Ghost knows he killed Proctor. And he believes Ghost may take Proctor’s death harder than Angela’s. So he needs to kill Ghost.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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