Amid ‘Basketball Wives’ Controversy, Tami Roman Shades Evelyn Lozada +Defends OG

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

People are still talking about “Basketball Wives.” The latest episode has sparked a lot of conversations on social media. OG and Evelyn Lozada had a war of receipts. Evelyn was under the impression that OG was trying to hook up with Chad Johnson. But OG showed that it was actually Chad who initiated the conversation. And he was romantically interested in her.

Amid OG’s feud with Evelyn, the other women are taking sides. Shaunie O’Neal thinks OG is too “aggressive.” And she’s considering removing her from the show. These feelings about OG kept her from being on the stage with the rest of the cast at the reunion.

Tami Roman skipped the reunion. But she took to Twitter to have OG’s back.

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  1. Why Shanie now saying OG is not fired. Because she knows the show ain’t sh-t. She will be loising money.Then her comments dont take the show so serious. Girl bye . Evelyn still try show receipt but they fake take L and move on.

  2. Very disappointed about the show how its going. Saw a sneak peak for the reunion and I didn’t like it. How in the hell Old A-s Hoe Evelyn going to say I cant sit with someone threating to beat her but then she use Chao(EX) last year people felt sorry for her but then she is commutations with him and laughing I really think Tami was telling the truth. Girl BYE and how they did OG Shaq’s wife you know you wrong for that. I just cant believe I seeing MEAN GIRLS in the HOOD. Shaq’s wife making a statement for people don’t get so deep in the action of the show but you having a police report on OG because the old hoe is scared. Girl OG is the money making now. You need her!!

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