‘Basketball Wives’ Star Kristen Scott No Longer Blames Cece Guiterrez for Fallout with Byron Scott

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

People are really opinionated about the current season of “Basketball Wives.” While many are still debating whether Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada are colorists, others have lots to say about Kristen Scott and Cece Guiterrez’s relationship. Right now, they don’t really have one.

Kristen has blamed Cece for her fallout with Byron Scott. And things worsened between Cece and Kristen during the group’s trip to Costa Rica. Interestingly enough, Kristen now feels like it’s not Cece’s fault that her relationship with Byron has soured.

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    1. I’m done with BBW. It’s to embarrassing to watch. I can’t belive these are grown women acting like this. Grow the f#@k up. I’m not entertained I’m embarrassed for you.

    1. You right about that she owns up business telling family secrets which added more to the situation byron let that slide and gonna be hard on Kristen come on seriously all up there lovey dovey with cece like she didnt say the stuff she said he still gonna marry her anyway thats sad

  1. I absolutely dislike Evelyn, she’s an opportunist and would throw anyone under the bus just to get in Shsunie’s a-s! Oh bra let her know there iare several sports of men) left for her to find a man. There is soccer, ice hockey, track and field and the x-games. She’s a racist POS. Also they are saying OG is a liability, how about when Malaysia threw a table. I guess if you kiss Shaunie’s a-s you can do whatever.Double standards”. I hate this POS show!

    1. Why tf you’re watching it? They don’t need you for ratings. I dislike when Black females call other Black females racist,, I’m Afro-Latina just like Evelyn we owe none of y’all jealous a-ses anything,, that d-mn OG threw the colorism card herself when it was benefiting her. Dark skinned sistas are just as prejudice as light and light browned sistas. Cecelia and her band of organ monkeys are definitely not innocent. OG would rather a Asian call her ugly and manish looking with her Toe-gee a-s. GTFOH with her ugly a-s

      1. What is there to be jealous of sis? And your own culture is racist towards you. They prefer white Latinas like J-Lo and that chick from Modern Family. They don’t even like Afro Latinos. So be humble.

      2. You are “afro” when it benefits you. We were born BLACK and unlike you, we don’t have a choice. You racist Latinas call black women monkeys but then claim to be apart of the culture? Girl bye. You only claim to be black because we are innovative and creative. You want an excuse to immulate us. Swerve, with your racist a-s.

        1. Non white Latinas can’t be racist just like y’all say black people can’t be racist. Neither have any systematic power. The correct word is prejudice and a good bit of black people are prejudice to Latinos too. When can we have a conversation about that?

      3. Anyone can be prejudice to anyone’s race creed origin it’s not a race issue at all Shauni and Eve to to show more respect to the lighter skinned woman no matter how aggressive they are it’s cool but when darker skinned women show aggression back they afraid for their livesI don’t care what anyone’s race is if I don’t like you I don’t like youbecause of you not your race everyone trying to make this about race it’s disgusting

      4. Black women are the originators. We will never have to be jealous of you. I agree with everything else you said. I also believe OG is pulling the colorism and racism cards to gain popularity she didn’t have at first. Because Cece and Tami said awful things about her as well. And not once did she accuse them of any of that. But it’s the second season in for her and she’s desperate to become a main cast member. This will guarantee that happens. It was a smart play. Too bad most can’t see that she’s using serious topics to get a promotion.

      5. Sounds like you’re just as ignorant as the females on the show, afro-latina huh? I don’t care what you say you’re part black you’re still not authentic black,calling people out their names sounds like a touch of colorism to me!!!

      6. Wtf is an Afro Latina, are yall referring to being African Latina- No such thing. Is this something made up because you only date Black (African American) Men? I dont understand. Call yourselves what you want “Latina, Mexican” Stop trying claim our Heritage. Evelyn is a Bully Period. Stfu when OG said something to her. I’d love the opportunity for her to run up on me B-tch, now I said it since CeCe bet not say it again.

        1. Afro Latina means to have African descent. Latina/Latino/Latinx isn’t a race. It’s an ethnicity which means you can be Latina and have African ancestry.

      7. You are wrong, Evil-lyn admitted to not being half black,in her old Twitter!Now old girl is singing a whole new tune, now that she is called a racist! Evil-lyn is twisted & needs therapy!

        1. Evelyn never said she was or wasn’t half black. She said she’s Afro Latina. That means she has African descent. It doesn’t mean she’s half black or black. Latina isn’t a race. There are white Latinas. And there are Afro Mexicans.

  2. Now that she has NO story line without Cece she finally realized her situation with byron is her fault. She’s only owning up to her faults when she realized the checks might not be coming and byron won’t be paying their townhouse rent anymore.

    What a weak way of saying ‘at least she’s owning her mistake ‘

  3. I’m glad somebody see through the fakery. That’s exactly what she trying to do which is damage control. She knows it’s a strong chance she is going to be cut since apparently Cece quit the show at Byron’s request.

  4. Evelyn runs that show she makes her and her circle look like men less jealous lonely women y did she go back to Chad for mess SIS she is making u look really second hand

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