‘Married to Medicine‘ Star Dr. Heavenly Believes Drug Accusations Quad Made About Mariah

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The upcoming episode of “Married to Medicine” will be full of drama. Dr. Jackie Walters convinces the women to take a girls trip to Savannah. And things get tense on the bus. The drug accusations Quad Webb Lunceford made about Mariah Huq are brought up.

After Mariah denies that Quad saw her doing coke, Dr. Heavenly Kimes gets involved. And she says she believes Quad was telling the truth. Things then escalate between Mariah and Heavenly.

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  1. Quad is lying and Heavenly only believes her because she hates Mariah. Honestly, Heavenly and Quad’s friendship isn’t even genuine. They literally bonded over their obsession with hating Mariah.

    1. Heavenly is a dirt bag who needs to mind her own business and check out what’s going on in her own dirty life.

      1. I don’t believe it at all….yall will throw ish around and meas up people lives..Where is the proof..Quad lied about not sleeping with her ex..Baby MARIAH PULL THE RECEIPTS…

    2. Ummm. I believe the accusations. I’ve been a ” USER, I seen it years ago. I’ve had this question in my mind for while. Plus Quads’ character IS NOT that of a liar, but Mariah’s, is.

      1. I don’t care that you believe the accusations or that you’ve done coke in the past. I don’t believe them and Quad has lied multiple times. She lied about her marriage to Greg and pretended the problem was he wouldn’t take the trash out or appreciate her when they were really abusive towards each other and he was cheating. She lied and said they were having s-x still when they hadn’t had s-x for two years and slept in separate bedrooms. She lied and said she never said she was the star of the show until Andy put his foot on her neck at the reunion. She lied and said the situation with Lake never happened and then the police report from Quad came out and she told the police officer Lake assaulted her for sleeping with her husband. She also has a track record of using people and then lying on them later like Rico Chappelle and Funky Dineva. And I’ve seen how coke users get down too. Mariah doesn’t act like the ones I’ve seen. So we will just have to agree to disagree.

        1. Thank you! I checked out at the Quad doesn’t lie part. The need to make Quad out to be some perfect person everyone does wrong has gotten old. Meanwhile, they make Mariah out to be some lying, demonic drug addict. Whatever!

        2. Checkmate Queen you are on point! I do not like Quads’ personality and I doubly do not like DEAVENLY!!!

          1. This is one time I think Quad is lying and Heavenly is being a good friend and being set up. If your friend user and you are not than they will not use around you. But bird of a feather flocks together and this train might go that way.

        3. I totally agree with you. Quad is just a opportunist and she wants to play the victim all the time. I hate her and Heavenly ghetto a-s!!

      2. Quad is a fake and a liar always playing victim. Dr. Heavenly just hates Mariah and will believe anything said about her. She is trash

    3. Exactly. Mariah & Aydin helped Fraud pay her Bill’s and introduced her to Dr. G. She is a LIAR & USER. Mariah already proved that she wasn’t a drug user. Fraud is the one that looks high all of the time. With regards to Hellish, I have never seen such an established professional be so insecure, jealous, childish, hateful & miserable. Those two B-TCHES are ridiculous. Mariah created this show putting money in their pockets, not the other way around.

      1. Heavenly is a horrible person to be so called Christian she sure doesn’t walk the walk her hate runs down. So sad for her. Quaid she’s another I can even like the way she speaks

  2. It’s crazy to see two women band together to destroy the woman that created the show they have used to become even more successful than they were before it. Karma will come for Quad and Heavenly one day.

  3. Quad and Heavenly are two people who believe they can never be wrong about anything. And they love to get down and dirty when they fall out with people. Please believe their fallout with each other will be epic.

  4. I agree with you all. Heavenly (that’s what you call her) is so messy as a professional grown woman. Quad seeing on TV Sister Circle is really messing up show motto. I don’t get it when she was first introduce to the show by Mariah they was the duo. How they can complete each other sentences. I really want to support the show I love my Queens This show is better than RHOA and BHW. Come on you Sista get it together. Ms. Jackie you act your so innocent but making that statement on the radio was bad choice. my favorite couple is Toya and her husband I love how your take care your family the children’s are so loveable. Please don’t mess this show up !!

  5. I agree with everything. Heavenly is a bitter, insecure and messy person. Quad is the same. And for Heavenly to always talk about someone’s mother. Because she hated her mother. Professional, grown women. Not so.

  6. Heavenly should really sit her a-s down somewhere. Quad is a grown woman and capable of fighting her own battles. She can speak for herself so Heavenly needs to stay out of it. All she wants to do is team up with people and take down Mariah. That’s weak as h-ll to me. At least Mariah has a real friend in Toya.

  7. Evilly is so pathetic. She needs serious mental help! And Quad is not even worth a conversation, low life hoe!

  8. Heavenly being messy does not make the allegation about Mariah false. Two things be true at the sane time. Mariah came for Quad first saying she slept with her brother-in-law.

  9. Karma is going to get heavenly and quad. I still remember Porsha being told a lie by Phaedra , the lie that was told that Candy and Todd was supposedly going to kidnap Porsha and s-xually assault Porsha. Now Phaedra is no longer on the show RHOA. This is what needs to be done to Heavenly and Quad!

  10. They are all being real messy however I don’t think they need joseline on here either. I mean the show is good and they have their own kind of messiness that is different from the joseline kind. No Buffy either.?

    1. Yes ladies!!!!Quad is a miserable b-tch, and so is H-llish (Heavenly). They are so jealous of Mariah.
      They both hate the h-ll out of Mariah. Let’s not forget how Jackie reminds me of Shaunie on basketball wive. She sets sh-t up for sh-t
      to happen to Mariah. Always doing those sit down meeting, knowing full well that sh-t
      Don’t work. Let’s remember she don’t like Mariah either. Mariah is the one who got this show started. These ladies are hateful. I’m really thinking about leaving this show,if they keep hurting Mariah. Jackie,Quad,and Heavenly. STOP HURTING MARIAH !!!!!!!!

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