GUHHNY Recap: Irv Apologizes to Charli & Ryan Crosses the Line With Madina

GUHHNY Season 1 Episode 8
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JoJo’s set free by police.

Producers do their best to keep everyone calm as JoJo’s arrested by NYPD. JoJo’s ride was initially pulled over for failing to signal and got caught driving with a suspended license. However, it was only temporary for JoJo as NYPD released him. He showed up to the diner with Pepa’s son Tyran and they all toast to the event and not heading to booking.

The next day, Ja Rule and Irv are hanging with their kids and hear about everything that went down with JoJo’s showcase. Later on, Irv tells all of them they’ve never worked as hard as he and Ja Rule and they don’t have the hunger. However, Ja says the kids have their hustle in their own way.

Things then turn to Charli Baltimore’s injury and the limitations it will have for the tour. This visibly frustrates Irv who openly questions Charl’s purpose on the tour now.

Ryan argues with Madina and Vina Love.

Madina and Vina are working in the studio and talk about Ryan. Both of them were disappointed with Ryan’s performance and demeanor at the showcase. Just then, Ryan shows up to the studio session and they ask him about the showcase. Ryan says he wasn’t feeling too good and he was feeling down about it. Madina gets frustrated when Ryan says he didn’t introduce him to her A&R friend. This leads to an argument between Madina, Vina, and Ryan.

Ryan’s angry with Madina with what she’s saying and Madina’s angry with Ryan not taking constructive criticism. Meanwhile, Vina laughs at Ryan’s grill falling out of his mouth. Eventually, Madina storms out first followed by Vina who tells him she ain’t his man nor his artist. Outside, Vina’s adamant about not associating with Ryan, let alone being around him, telling Madina to get him out of the studio.

Siaani’s practicing when Charli stops by and Siaani tells him about her time with Kid Kapri. Charli says it was a mistake to put Siaani in a room with Kid Kapri without knowing she was ready. An embarrassed Siaani tells Charli she’s now questioning whether or not DJ’ing is even for her. In her interview, Charli cries when Siaani says Charli wasn’t there for her.

Meanwhile, JoJo links up with Flavor Flav’s sons Quan and Will. They recap Quan’s performance and how Da’Zyna flipped off on him for his lackluster performance. JoJo tells Quan he needs to sit down with his sister about what happened to tell him he’s serious about his career. Ryan shows up and tells them he wasn’t in the right frame of mind during the showcase and tells them about his argument with Madina and Vina. He felt offended and felt like he wasn’t be held down by them.

Siaani gets advice from Lil Mama.

As the guys are hanging out, Lil Mama meets up with Siaani. Siaani reaches out to Lil Mama for advice about making it work in New York. She tells Lil Mama how she blew her audition for Kid Kapri. Lil Mama listens and gives her the advice Siaani’s looking for. Siaani goes into her relationship with her mom Charli and Madina. Lil Mama shades Madina alluding Madina may be trying to hustle Siaani. But She tells Siaani to find management outside of her family.

Lil Mama also invites her to DJ an event and then invites her out to a performance later that night.

The next day, JoJo meets up with Madina in Harlem for coffee and Madina’s looking for insight on Ryan. She’s looking to smooth over her relationship with Ryan. Madina scoffs at JoJo saying Ryan felt attacked. She also says any chance of a romance between Ryan and Vina went out the window after his visit to the studio. JoJo does his best to stay out the way with those two and says they both need to talk things out.

Irv apologizes and Ryan Crosses the line.

At Irv Gotti’s house, Charli stops in for a quick talk. During their talk, Ashanti came up with Charli saying he lost focus when her album came out. Irv says he made a mistake with Murder Inc. with not putting out her albums, apologizing for it. When the tour comes up everything seems positive and Irv seems willing to work around her injury.

Madina’s furious with Ryan and she’s ready to pull up. Ryan texted her asking if she wants to have s*x. Vina’s worried about Ryan at this point because Ryan’s tripping and Madina wants to fight him now. The episode ends with Madina and Vina hopping out of their car, walking up to Ryan’s building to confront him.

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