‘Power’ Recap: Ghost Goes All the Way off on Tasha + Tariq Gives Him a Warning

Blanca confronts Tommy.

Tommy is still in shock about LaKeisha’s death. But he gets enough clarity to drive Cash to Kadeem’s place. Kadeem is Cash’s father. While Cash is sleeping, Tommy tells Kadeem that he’s going to find out who killed Keisha and get even. Kadeem then asks if Cash will ever see Tommy again. Tommy says he isn’t sure before leaving.

When Tommy makes it back to his car, Blanca greets him. She accuses him of killing Keisha. But Tommy says he didn’t pull the trigger. And the cameras at the mall will show he was with Cash buying an engagement ring at the time Keisha was killed. Blanca asks Tommy who would want to kill Keisha. Annoyed by the conversation, Tommy tells her to do her job and find out. Before Tommy can drive off, Blanca warns him about getting revenge on the killer. She reminds him that he’s being watched.

Jason’s days are numbered.

Ghost is out looking at a piece of property. After he confirms his interest to the realtor, Ramona comes by with Tate’s opponent Lorette Walsh. Ramona tells Ghost that she’s joining Lorette’s campaign. And Lorette tells Ghost that she wants him to be her lieutenant governor.

Tommy is back at his place. He looks at the engagement ring he bought for Keisha. Ghost calls and asks him if he put the gun in the elevator box. They are moving forward with their plan to take out Jason. Tommy confirms that he left the gun in the elevator box.

Dre gives Blanca info on Tommy.

Blanca meets with Andre in her car. She asks him who killed Keisha. He says he doesn’t know but he doesn’t put it past Tommy. Blanca doesn’t believe Tommy did it. But Dre tells Blanca to look at Tommy’s crew because he would ask them to handle it for him. He also tells Blanca to use the ankle monitor he was forced to wear to find out the location to Tommy’s warehouse. Dre then confirms that Tommy, his crew and Tommy’s drugs can be found there. Blanca says if this checks out and Tommy’s crew is taken off the streets, they will be “square.”

Ghost has Jason meet him at the club. He tells Jason that he will have to buy a building to make sure the QCP moves forward. But he will need Jason’s help since he’s low on cash. Jason isn’t sure he wants to be involved but Ghost convinces him to meet him at the building later to check it out. After he tells Jason that security won’t allow guns so he can’t be strapped, Jason gets irritated and tells Ghost not to tell him how to run his business. Ghost then backs down and tells Jason to do whatever he feels.

Tasha’s other activities are found out by Ghost.

Ramona heads to Tate’s campaign office. He tells her he found dirt on James and it will be enough to cut ties with him for good. Ramona acts like she’s okay with this and tells Tate that she’s sticking with Tate’s campaign.

Ghost goes to Tasha’s daycare center. When he walks in, he sees her having a conversation with Epiphany, the dancer who’s been selling drugs for her. After Epiphany leaves, Ghost figures out what Tasha is up to. They are supposed to be going to a meeting at Tariq’s new school but Tasha says she can’t go because she has to work. Ghost then says he’ll go alone since Tasha is putting selling weight before Tariq. Tasha snaps and says now Ghost sees how she felt for years.

Jason gets a call from Dre. After Dre asks for a second meeting, Jason says he’s not interested. Dre then tells him he’ll need a new distro soon because the feds are closing in on Tommy. And he knows this because he has connections on the inside. Jason tells him he’ll be in touch.

Ghost snitches on Tasha.

When Ghost goes to the meeting at Tariq’s school, he learns Tariq told the school he has an after school, part-time job at Tasha’s daycare. So Ghost breaks into Tasha’s place. She’s startled when she sees him sitting in the apartment. He immediately goes off on her for having Tariq push weight through her daycare and threatens to take their daughter away from her after shutting down her daycare. Tasha threatens to tell the authorities that he killed Terry and he starts choking her. After he realizes what he’s doing, he backs off. Tasha cries and tells him she will kill him if he ever touches her again.

He later calls the police and anonymously tells them drugs are being sold at Tasha’s daycare. Not too long after, Blanca and other officers show up to the daycare. They tell her they have a warrant to look after someone said drugs are being sold there. After they find nothing, Epiphany tells Tasha that she and the girls at the club are no longer working for Tasha. So Tasha vows to get even with Ghost.

Tommy’s crew is busted.

After Tommy calls his crew to meet him at the warehouse, they show up to wait for him. But the police bust in and arrest everyone. As Tommy looks on from a distance, Spanky and 2 Bit see him. They believe Tommy set them up and they plan to get revenge.

Back at the daycare, Tasha gets a visit from Q. He tells her he heard what happened and he believes Ghost is behind it. He notices the bruise marks on Tasha’s arm from Ghost. But Tasha tells him that she can handle Ghost herself. They have s-x in her office.

Ghost kills Jason.

Jason meets Ghost at the building he wants to buy. Jason shows up without a gun and the two men get on the elevator together after passing through the metal detector. When they get on the elevator, they have some small talk. Ghost bends down to tie up his shoe and discreetly opens up the elevator box. At this moment, Jason gets a text from Tommy telling him Ghost is going to kill Jason. Jason then gets some wire from his wrist and begins to choke Ghost with it. They fight and Ghost ends up with the wire around Jason’s neck, killing him. He sends the elevator to the rooftop and drags Jason’s body out. He takes Jason’s phone and sees the text from Tommy. Furious, Ghost texts Dre to meet him at the rooftop ASAP on Jason’s phone. He then texts Jason’s man Drago and says Dre double-crossed him on Jason’s phone. He puts the phone back in Jason’s pocket. On his way out, he gives the security guard cash and a burner and tells him to call the cops when Dre walks in. And to wait for a call from him to the burner phone.

Benny has questions.

On the way out, Ghost calls Tommy. He goes off on Tommy for setting him up to be killed by Jason. But Tommy has no regrets and says Ghost killed Keisha. Ghost denies this and says he didn’t even know Keisha was dead. Tommy isn’t buying this and tells Ghost he’s a dead man.

Benny is at the club waiting on Ghost. He tells Ghost that the man he was told killed Proctor couldn’t have done it because he was out of town at the time. So Ghost admits he believes Tommy did it. And Tommy did it because he thought Proctor was getting ready to snitch on him. So Benny says he’s going to handle Tommy.

Tasha comes clean.

Tommy goes to Tasha’s apartment to tell her and Tariq that he’s killing Ghost. He’s not asking their permission but doing what he needs to do. He believes Ghost killed Keisha and he believes Ghost told the police about his warehouse. Tasha says that Ghost snitched on her daycare too.

After Tommy leaves, Tariq asks Tasha if she knew about Keisha. She says yes and admits she killed her. Tasha tells Tariq that Keisha was going to snitch on him. And at this point, she will kill whoever she has to in order to protect Tariq. She tells him Ghost puts his hands on her and Tariq says that it’s his job to protect her.

Benny meets his demise.

Before Tommy can get to his apartment door, Benny confronts him with a knife, telling him Ghost said he killed Proctor. The two men start fighting and Tommy kills Benny with Benny’s knife.

Dre shows up to the building Ghost was looking at to meet Jason. After he gets through the metal detector, he goes up to the rooftop and sees Jason is dead. The security guard calls the police like he was instructed. And Dre runs off after being seen by a man on the rooftop.

Ramona delivers the news to Tate.

Tate pops up at Ghost’s club and calls him Ghost. He tells Ghost he heard Ghost sells drugs and murders people. But he knows Ghost won’t lay a hand on him because he’s too high profile. Ghost then says he’s not who he used to be but if he wanted Tate dead, Tate would never see him coming. But Tate can read about his next move in the newspaper the next day.

But he doesn’t have to wait to find out the news. Ramona tells Tate she’s leaving Tate’s campaign to work for Lorette and her new running mate, Ghost.

Saxe is back.

Blanca finds Saxe at a jazz club. She tells him Keisha was murdered. She doesn’t believe Tommy pulled the trigger but she now understands why Saxe used the methods he did while he was employed. Saxe tells Blanca the smart thing to do would be to apply pressure on Tasha because she’s the weakest link out of her, Tommy and Ghost.

So they go to Tasha’s apartment. They ask if Ghost killed Keisha. Tasha says Ghost didn’t kill Keisha but she believes he killed Terry. And if he did, the body could be found in a car on the fifth level at the LaGuardia Airport.

When Saxe and Blanca find the car, they find Terry’s body in the trunk. While Blanca isn’t looking, Saxe takes the cell phone he found in the car.

Tariq gives Ghost a warning.

Dre shows up to Saxe’s place and tells him Ghost tried to set him up to look like he killed Jason. And he’s ready to do whatever necessary to get Ghost behind bars. So Saxe gives Dre the phone he found in the car Terry’s body was found to plant at Ghost’s hotel. Dre does what he is told.

At Truth, Tariq shows up. He tells Ghost he won’t be staying at his place ever again. Ghost tells Tariq that he can do much better than being a drug dealer. Tariq tells him that being a drug dealer was the best Ghost could do. He warns Ghost to never touch Tasha again or he’ll kill him. When Ghost tells Tariq he can’t talk to his father that way, Tariq says Ghost gave him life but he was never his father.

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