‘Power’ Creator Courtney Kemp Defends Tariq’s Hate for Ghost

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Power” has a lot of fans talking. The current season will be the show’s final season. And so far, a lot of blood has been shed. But it’s the latest episode that seems to be getting a lot of criticism. The episode was a difficult one for Ghost. Not only does Tommy believe Ghost killed LaKeisha but he tried to get even through Jason. Jason had no idea Ghost was about to kill him until Tommy sent him a text in the middle of Ghost’s efforts. And Jason nearly killed Ghost.

Then Ghost had a nasty confrontation with Tasha. After he called Tasha out for helping Tariq sell drugs, he snapped. And he assaulted her.

Tasha told Tariq what happened and he was furious. He confronted Ghost and made his feelings known. Tariq doesn’t believe Ghost has ever ben a real father to him. He also threatened to kill Ghost if he touches Tasha ever again.

Some of the viewers don’t understand why Tariq has so much hate for Ghost. So they are criticizing the show’s writing. Courtney Kemp decided to break it down.

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