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‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star K. Michelle Slams Apryl Jones

Photo Credit: VH1

Apryl Jones is fed up with the criticism surrounding her relationship with Fizz. On last night’s episode, she had plenty to say. And she feels like critics are just miserable and jealous.

While talking about this to Fizz, Apryl said, “People really want to know where my v*gina is landing. My v*gina’s happy. I am so happy. Dreux was my friend. Okay, so the f*ck what? We happened to fall for each other. Like, life happens. And the same people that got something to say are the same people that are f*cking miserable that are the same people, like, ‘Why is she with him,’ cause they want to f*ck me. The same girls are like, ‘There’s so many exotic women out here. Why couldn’t you have f*cked other exotic,’ because they don’t do it like me!”

K. Michelle was not here for these comments. So she tweeted the following in response:

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