RHOA Recap: Dennis Cheated on Porsha While She Was Pregnant

RHOA Season 12 Episode 2
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Porsha is uncertain about her future with Dennis.

Cynthia meets with Kandi and Porsha. They talk about the Sincerely incident. Porsha and Kandi say that they didn’t really know about the Sincerely rumors until recently. Although Porsha knows a lot of couples are able to get past infidelity, she’s not sure about her future with Dennis. She confirms again that Dennis moved out and also asked for her to return the engagement ring.

Later on, Cynthia calls up Eva and tells her about what was said at Baby Brooklyn’s party. Eva doesn’t understand why her not bringing her kids is such a big issue. But she’s ready to read whoever comes for her.

Noelle makes a confession.

As Kenya is spending time with Brooklyn, Marc FaceTimes. She tells him Brooklyn is doing great in her swimming class. In a green screen interview, Kenya says that Marc sometimes makes her feel like she’s not a good parent. And he sometimes makes her feel clueless because he already has two other kids.

Noelle is back at home and spending time with Cynthia. While driving around, Noelle talks about being attracted to men and women. Cynthia says that she will support Noelle no matter what.

Marlo confirms big changes.

Kandi and Marlo catch up. After Marlo introduces Kandi and Ace to her nephews, she reveals that her nephews are living with her now because her older sister has mental issues. NeNe is then discussed. Kandi says she was surprised that NeNe actually reached out to her after the closet drama. But Kandi wants Marlo to let the group get to know her outside of NeNe’s shadow.

Shamea comes over to Porsha’s place. Porsha confirms that Dennis spent the night and they had s-x. She says this doesn’t mean that they are back together. And at this point, getting counseling may be the best route for them to take.

Cynthia and Kenya have tension.

Kenya and Cynthia go to a spiritual shop and Kenya says that she should probably pick up some items to help her cleanse her energy since Eva said she’s not sure about Kenya’s energy. And this is why Eva didn’t want to bring her kids to Brooklyn’s party. But Cynthia defends Eva ad says that Eva really doesn’t know Kenya like that. And Cynthia doesn’t think Eva had bad intentions when she said this. In a green screen interview, Kenya says she hopes Cynthia does a better job picking her men than she does picking friends.

Kandi questions Cynthia’s friendship with Eva.

Cynthia meets Kandi and Eva at a dress shop. She’s looking for a dress for the upcoming Pride event. As Eva and Cynthia have some friendly banter about Kenya, in a green screen interview, Kandi says she wonders when Cynthia and Eva got so close because Cynthia usually defends Kenya.

Cynthia says that Kenya is insulted by Eva not bringing her kids to Brooklyn’s party. But Eva says she has no regrets because she doesn’t know Kenya like that. Kandi says the issue is how Kenya received the information. Eva then goes in on Porsha and says Porsha had no right to go back to Kenya and repeat what Eva said. In Eva’s opinion, Porsha needs to worry about her strained relationship with Dennis and not what she’s doing with her own kids.

Dennis cheated on Porsha while she was pregnant.

Porsha and Dennis go to counseling. And afterward, Porsha tells Lauren that it was a disaster. Dennis admitted that he slept with another woman while Porsha was pregnant. Porsha was so upset she mushed Dennis and stormed off. At this point, Porsha doesn’t want to work on the relationship. And Lauren is an inspiration to leave a bad relationship and focus on herself. It turns out the father of Lauren’s child also cheated on her while she was pregnant.

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