‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Jackie Snaps on Buffie + Buffie Takes on Heavenly

Married to Medicine Season 7 Episode 11
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Simone gets even with Quad.

Heavenly and Damon win edible underwear after being victorious in the dance-off for the penthouse suite. As all the couples are checking out their rooms, Quad is taken to her suite which happens to be very far away. In a green screen interview, Quad says she doesn’t want anyone else’s husband. So she doesn’t feel her being booked so far away was necessary. But Simone says she gave Quad that suite so she could have a lot of time with the person she loves the most: herself.

The group has dinner. Mariah and Aydin skip it and Aydin says it’s because Mariah has cramps. When they get there, Jackie thanks Simone and Cecil for being there for her when she nearly left Curtis. The group toasts to Simone and Cecil’s 23rd anniversary. Afterward, Jackie plays a video of Simone and Cecil’s sons, Michael and Miles, thanking them for everything.

Buffie confronts Jackie.

Contessa asks Buffie how she’s been enjoying the vacation. She also tells Buffie not to let Heavenly bother her because Heavenly picked on her too when she was new to the group. Buffie says Heavenly isn’t an issue but Jackie hurt her with the infertile comment made at her event. Jackie is stunned and says she only brought it up because she thought they were forming a connection. Buffie says that it was wrong to say this in the manner she did. And her infertility issues are hers and people need to respect how she feels. Toya steps in and says she wouldn’t want someone just sharing the fact that she had a miscarriage without making sure that she’s okay with this.

Jackie then says this means they aren’t real friends. Toya and Buffie say that this isn’t what they mean and Simone then says that she understands where Jackie is coming from. At this point, Jackie coldly apologizes and says she’s “done with it.”

Everyone is shocked by Jackie’s reaction.

Toya is surprised by Jackie’s response and Jackie says that it’s a “new girl about to surface.” And she’s ready to go off if necessary. So she doesn’t want Buffie to say anything else to her.

In a green screen interview, Cecil says that he can’t believe Jackie isn’t showing any compassion. Simone says that Jackie may only be upset because she was called out.

Buffie gathers Heavenly.

Heavenly gets mad and says that Buffie should have pulled Jackie to the side if she had a problem. Buffie tells Heavenly that it didn’t happen to her and she can’t tell Buffie how to feel. Heavenly says that Jackie is like Damon and doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body.

Buffie gets fed up and tells Heavenly to “shut the f*ck up.” Contessa pulls Heavenly to the bathroom to calm her down. In a green screen interview, Buffie says that Heavenly is Jackie’s puppet and does all the attacking for her while Jackie is looked at as a “deity.”

Regardless, the group tries to move on and eat. But Jackie has lost her appetite and it’s a very silent dinner.

Jackie is tired of apologizing.

Simone asks David the best way to resolve conflict and he says the first step is trying to understand why saying something, in particular, can hurt the other person.

Later on, Jackie vents to Curtis. She is tired of apologizing to people in the group but she will try to make things right with Buffie.

As for Buffie, she tells David that she sees Jackie “clearly.”

The bus breaks down.

After a confrontational night, the group attempts to have a day out but the bus breaks down. Simone decides they will walk back to the hotel by the freeway. Toya gets upset and says she’s embarrassed.

When they get back to the hotel, the gang goes to the bar inside. Heavenly gets irritated that Damon is drinking. She says he can’t handle it and he’s going to throw up. Jackie relays the message to Damon and he says he’s going to keep drinking because he’s been doing what Heavenly wants him to for over 20 years.

Scott and Contessa clash.

The couples end up discussing spouses switching careers. Damon says that he would support Heavenly if she chose to do something other than dentistry. Heavenly states that’s what husbands do and Contessa says this isn’t true for Scott. While doing their green screen interview, Scott gets upset and storms off. Contessa breaks down in tears and says she’s always left alone before storming off as well.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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