‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Kitty Goes off on Crystal & Clashes with Tati at the Prom

Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 16
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It’s time to have a prom.

Kitty is upset that someone close to her told Ceaser that she slept with Ryan. As for Cease, he feels like he dodged a bullet by not being with Kit. Back at the shop, Cease tells the gang not to bring up Kitty’s name again or they will be fired.

Although the situation with Kitty has caused a lot of drama, the group decides to throw a prom to bring some positivity back to the shop. They will even have a prom King and Queen. Everyone is excited about this.

Crystal and Q continue to plot.

Q takes Crystal to the gym to work out. Now that Kitty has been fired, Q thinks it’s a good time for Crystal to shoot her shot at Cease. He also tells her she should invite Cease and his mother to her birthday dinner.

Donna disappoints a recent client.

Back at the shop, Cease gets a letter from someone claiming Donna misspelled her “perseverance” tattoo. Even though Donna says she doesn’t think this is a big deal, Cease tells her she has to make it right or she’s out at Black Ink.

Later on, Donna admits in a green screen interview that she’s very hurt about her mistake. And she did shed some tears over it. But she refuses to let Cease and the others see her sweat.

Kitty is lashing out.

Donna gets a FaceTime call from Tati. She says Kitty called her going off saying that Tati betrayed her. And Kitty plans on attending the prom even though Cease doesn’t want her there. Apparently, Sky invited her.

Gambino comes to the shop to get a tattoo. He’s a successful manager in the music industry. He wants to get a tattoo that says “Miss Kitty” in honor of his grandmother. Cease and Puma can’t help but find humor in the timing of this. Regardless, Cease gives Gambino the tattoo he wants. And he ends up loving it.

Crystal and Cease’s mothers want them back together.

It’s the day of Crystal’s birthday dinner. Prior to the event, Cease’s mom told Q she wants Crystal and Cease back together. They were together for eight years so she will help Q make this happen. After looking at old pictures of happier times between Crystal and Cease, Cease’s mom says she wants them to get married. Crystal’s mom says she wants this reconciliation to happen, too. Cheyenne is uncomfortable.

It’s prom night.

Prom night is going great. Even Sassy, a Black Ink OG, is in attendance. She speaks to Cease and tells him that Crystal is looking great. In a green screen interview, Cease says he doesn’t understand why people keep telling him how good Crystal looks.

Not too long after the prom kicks off, Kitty walks in. Donna, Bae, and Tati aren’t happy to see her because Kitty sent them some nasty text messages.

Although Crystal sees that Kitty is there, she decides to be confident anyway. She starts dancing with Tati and even twerks on Cease. In a green screen interview, Cease says Crystal has a new energy about herself that he can appreciate.

Crystal and Kitty clash.

When they get ready to announce the king and queen, Crystal and Kitty start arguing. They are restrained by security and Kitty throws her drink on Crystal. In a green screen interview, Kitty says it’s messed up that none of her friends tried to help her. She also says this on the mic at the event.

Donna then grabs the mic and says that Kitty hasn’t really been a real friend to anybody as of late. And they are all tired of lying for her because Kitty did sleep with Ryan.

Tati and Kitty come to blows.

Kitty denies this, again. Tati grabs the mic and says she was at Essence Fest with Kitty and Ryan. She was the one who told Cease that Ryan and Kitty slept together. So she wants Kitty to tell the truth because she’s tired of the lies.

At this point, Kitty is furious and the two women get in each other’s faces as they argue. After Tati says that Cease doesn’t even care about Kitty, the women come to blows. Security restrains them and Crystal threatens Kitty after she walks outside the venue. Kitty goes off before getting in her car and tells Crystal that she looks like a Pomeranian and Cease still doesn’t want her.

After Kitty leaves, Crystal calls out Cease for not defending her when Kitty came for her. But Cease tells her that she’s just his baby momma and he has nothing to do with their beef. This makes her furious and Cease begins to think it may be time to let some people go because the drama at the shop has gotten out of hand.

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