‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Recap: Angela and Romeo Slam Each Other + Sam Makes a Big Decision

Growing Up Hip Hop Season 5 Episode 1
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Romeo reveals his beef with Angela.

Season 5 begins with Romeo hanging out at the pool with friends when he sends out a bible verse to the cast. Everyone gets the text and responds except for Angela.

Later on, Romeo’s with his wardrobe stylist and friends preparing for a trip to New Zealand. Vanessa stops by to talk with Romeo. It’s not often Vanessa and Romeo have a one on one talk. They catch up and talk about JoJo’s wedding. Vanessa’s not in New York to help JoJo with his wedding and she’s sad about it. So Romeo suggests she helps with his party.

She’s then shocked to learn Angela and Romeo aren’t on good terms. Speaking of Angela, she’s in New York at her condo when her chef is cooking. Her mom Valerie stops by first. They talk about Sutton and SJ. JoJo and Tanice arrive for the dinner happy engaged. JoJo lets them know he wants his dad Rev Run to marry them.

When Romeo comes up, Angela says Romeo’s been ignoring her messages and DMs. Angela says they’re definitely not dating and they’re just friends. Everyone responds that she shouldn’t be mad with him not responding but Angela expects all of her friends to speak up.

Back in LA, Vanessa’s surprised to hear Romeo doesn’t want Angela at the party. He explains that Angela hasn’t been responding to his bible study texts. He feels Angela is only friendly towards him just for the cameras.

He also says a friendship won’t even work. All of this news is just a shock to hear all of this. He also brings up how Angela keeps hanging out with Bow Wow and NBA players. He also took shots at Angela’s IG photos.

Sam plans a big surprise for Egypt.

Meanwhile, Egypt and Sam are in Las Vegas. Egypt has a house and she’s living with Sam and their dogs. Sam’s planning something big for Egypt and has Boogie and Tyran coming over to help him out. Luckily for Sam, his relationship with Tyran is much better than where it was last season. It’s the first time Egypt has seen Boogie and Tyran since the reunion. However, Sam and Tee Tee aren’t in the best space.

Tyran openly wonders if Pepa is paying for Egypt and Sam’s rental.

Briana returns to the show and is in a more positive space.

At Damon’s house, Raquel and Damon are happy because Raquel’s 9 weeks pregnant. Briana is back and she shows up to Damon’s house. Briana is in a really positive space as she’s with a new man. She’s trying to elevate and wants to start over with everyone.

Back in Las Vegas, Boogie and Tyran are heading to Sam’s surprise. They’re being taken to a pawn shop and they are totally confused about the trip. They meet up with Sam and head inside. Sam’s surprise is to buy an engagement ring.

Despite all of the shade thrown her way about Angela, Vanessa decided to help Romeo with his going away party. The party is one day away and Vanessa calls JoJo to tell him everything said about Angela. JoJo feels Romeo is just hurt by Angela and unfollowed everyone on social media. However, JoJo feels some type of way about Romeo’s recent behavior.

Vanessa feels Angela and Romeo should have closure and wants JoJo to give her a heads up before showing up to the party.

Sam’s ready to propose but Tyran is skeptical.

Back at the pawnshop, Tyran’s blindsided by Sam’s news of buying an engagement ring. But Sam says he is buying this ring on his own. Tyran feels Egypt is too young and Boogie asks if there’s a pregnancy scare.

Sam wants this ring to signify that he’s not going anywhere. Despite Sam’s best plead of everything, Tyran is still skeptical. Sam even got Egypt’s face tattooed on his arm. He plans to propose to Egypt at his show. This makes Tyran feel this is a publicity stunt. Boogie warns Sam to ask Treach for Egypt’s hand first. When he gets a chance, Tyran texts Tee Tee who’s in Texas about what’s going on.

Lastly, JoJo has Angela and Tanice on the way to Romeo’s going away party. JoJo breaks all the tea about what Romeo said. Angela brings up how Romeo’s butt naked on his social media account and is just making up stuff. She also brings up how Romeo hasn’t been in touch with her and checked in on her since Sutton’s passing.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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