LHHNY Recap: Cyn Accuses Joe of Cheating, Papoose Calls out Joe & Chrissy Makes up with Kimbella

LHHNY Season 10 Episode 1
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Jim and Chrissy are back.

Chrissy has been living by herself in Miami for a few years. She feels like the space has been good for her and Jim. However, she travels to New York to see Jim. Four years ago, things weren’t going well in their relationship. So she felt like it would be best for them to have space between them.

They’ve been together 15 years and never been broken up. But a little space has been needed.

Chrissy is ready to make things right with Kimbella.

When Chrissy sees how cluttered the place is, she gets annoyed with Jim. But they have bigger fish to fry. Jim has had some recent legal problems that need to be handled.

Other things that need to be handled is Chrissy’s unresolved issues with Kimbella. Chrissy really wants to see Kimbella and see if they can hash things out because Jim and Juelz are like brothers.

Kimbella and Yandy are working on their friendship.

Yandy has been busy with businesses and raising her kids. But she’s also been an activist for prison reform. It’s a situation that’s close to home for her since Mendeecees has been locked away for the last few years.

She goes to an event to speak on the cause. Rich, Jonathan, Remy, and Juju are there to support. After Yandy finishes her speech, Yandy points out that Remy’s ankle is now monitor free. She’s officially off parole and she wants to put an event together to celebrate.

Not too long after, Kimbella shows up. It’s been hard to deal with Juelz being sentenced to over two yeas behind bars. Although Yandy and Kimbella still aren’t on the best terms, Yandy is still glad she came. Yandy isn’t over Kimbella accusing her of adopting Trinity for image reasons.

In a green screen interview, Yandy says she hopes they can start their healing process.

Yandy is still not here for Chrissy.

After Yandy sits down to catch up with Juju and Jonathan, Jonathan says that Chrissy reached out to him recently. She’s back in New York. Jonathan thinks Chrissy may be in a different place, but Yandy says Chrissy makes her “skin crawl.” And she’s fine as long as Chrissy stays out of her way.

Joe and Cyn have broken up.

Cyn has been enjoying being a new mom to her baby boy Lexington. Although Joe proposing to her was an amazing moment, she says she found out he was cheating on her four months later. It’s been difficult for Cyn to deal with. She decided to just move out of their place after she made the discovery.

She doesn’t want to be with Joe again until he can take accountability for what he did.

Safaree and Erica are engaged and expecting.

Erica is back. She’s engaged to Safaree and Erica hopes their wedding will be one for the books. The couple met on “Scared Famous.” Safaree says he saw a lot of himself in Erica. In his mind, she’s the female version of him.

Safaree and Erica have been living in their own bubble to stay away from the hate they have been getting from people like Rich.

It’s been emotional for Erica because she recently lost her dad to cancer four months ago. So she feels like her dad may have sent Safaree to her after his death. Things are going so great that Erica is thankful. They have a baby on the way and Safaree gets along well with Erica’s son.

Joe gets called out by Papoose.

Papoose, Rich, and Joe catch up over a game of pool. They discuss Remy’s upcoming parole party. Joe opens up about Cyn and says things went left after Cyn went through his phone during a date. He says she misinterpreted some things she saw. And he didn’t technically cheat on her. He’s hoping things can be worked out because they have a child together.

Papoose tells Joe that he was wrong to do whatever he did that offended Cyn. But Joe says Cyn was wrong to just leave him and it shows that she’s not good at communication. But Papoose says it’s not about Joe anymore. He has to put Cyn and their son first at all times.

Papoose wants Remy to focus on her music.

Remy is back in the studio making music. Papoose is there with their daughter to support. He lets her know that her fans are really waiting for her new album. But he doesn’t want her to be overwhelmed by putting too much on her plate at one time.

Kimbella and Chrissy make peace.

Chrissy and Kimbella meet up to hash things out. In a green screen interview, Kimbella says she has her guard up.

Chrissy wastes no time bringing up their physical altercation several years ago. Kimbella is upset that Chrissy snuck her. Chrissy says she did respond “a little aggressively.” But Chrissy says she didn’t like the fact that Kimbella came to Emily’s event and told her that she messed with Fabolous while Emily was pregnant. Chrissy apologizes and Kimbella accepts her apology.

They discuss Yandy. Both women agree that Yandy is fake at times. Chrissy still maintains that Yandy overstepped her boundaries when she managed Jim. And certain personalities just don’t “gel.”

Joe and Cyn clash.

Cyn and Joe meet to discuss their fallout and how to do a better job at co-parenting. Cyn started to feel like Joe started to become disinterested in her later on in the relationship. Joe admits he was miserable but Cyn says that he should have told her that.

Cyn accuses Joe of stepping outside of the relationship. But Joe says she’s the one who left and she just moved out while he was on tour. But Cyn feels justified because she says Joe lied. Joe still says that he did not cheat and this angers Cyn. So she demands her mic be taken off and storms off.

Yandy isn’t thrilled to see Chrissy.

It’s the night of Remy’s parole party. She and Papoose have some small talk with Fat Joe. He encourages her to go hard with her career now that she’s off parole.

While Remy and Papoose catch up with Safaree and Erica, Joe comes up behind Safaree to playfully say hello. Safaree says that he and Je made up after Safaree hit up Joe to offer condolences after his dog passed away.  Although things are good with Joe, Safaree is still not good with Rich. So it’s tense when they see each other. Luckily, Rich offers peace and Safaree accepts. Erica ignores him.

Things get awkward when Chrissy strolls in with Kimbella. Yandy is not impressed.

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