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LHHH Recap: Moniece Has a Bittersweet Exit from the Show + A1 & Lyrica Break Down

LHHH Season 6 Episode 21

Photo Credit: VH1

Paris and Brittany won’t be making peace anytime soon.

Brittany and Paris continue to have a heated exchange and have to be restrained by security. Paris is taken backstage and Zell follows behind her. Zell breaks down in tears and says that Paris is his sister. And he’s just not going to let anyone hurt her. And Paris wants to make it clear that she can handle Brittany without Zell.

Moniece and Apryl discuss Moniece wanting them to tour together. K. Michelle chimes in and says that Moniece is talented, but it was a gimmick for Moniece to invite Apryl on her tour. She really didn’t think it was sincere.

Apryl says that she and Moniece never really had any problems with each other until recently. Moniece just figured that they could have benefited from the hype train behind B2K’s reunion. After Brittany says that she doesn’t think Apryl is serious about her career, Lyrica and A1 call her out. This leads to Lyrica throwing a drink at Brittany, which hits Ray J in the ankle. Lyrica and A1 have to be escorted off the stage.

Brittany clashes with K. Michelle.

K. Michelle and Brittany argue after K. Michelle accuses her of lying when she said they worked together. She says Brittany came to her recording session for like 30 minutes and that’s it.

Brittany says she’s actually very accomplished and people can’t fake a Grammy nomination. But she feels like K. Michelle isn’t really anyone’s real friend.

Micky gives an update on his love life. He’s no longer with Slick. While he doesn’t say why, he does say it was frustrating that people thought he was just with Slick for clout. After he says he’s willing to give up most of his percentage of a song to work with the Migos, Brittany, and Boog tell him to never do that.

Apryl, Jason, and Brittany give updates on their parents.

Jason opens up about his relationship with his mother and father. He gets emotional when he discusses his last conversation with his mother before she passed. He’s disappointed that his dad didn’t show up to his brother’s memorial. And he still doesn’t have a relationship with his father.

Brittany gives an update on her mother and says things are still going good between them. Apryl says she’s still in a great place with her mom as well.

Jason then takes a moment to thank Apryl for being supportive to him when he opened up about his brother’s death. He apologizes for how things turned out. Apryl accepts his apology and offers him one as well.

Lyrica and A1 have an emotional moment.

A1 and Lyrica try to talk without their mothers present with them on the stage. After Lyrica says they could reconcile if they got counseling and keep God first, A1 breaks down in tears. This then leads to Lyrica breaking down in tears and walking off the stage.

Zell consoles A1 and Lyrica eventually comes back on the stage. The rest of the cast cries too and Lyrica hugs A1. A1 says he needs to get himself right with God. After seeing so much emotion from A1, Lyrica says she now feels like they really could work things out.

Both Lyrica and A1 apologize to each other for how they spoke to each other’s mothers.

It’s the end of an era.

This is Moniece’s last season on the show. Moniece gets emotional as she talks about what her life is going be like after the show. Right now, she’s in a good place with just about everyone, including Jason and Princess.

Fizz says that he believes Moniece has to do what’s best for her to get better. And he will make sure that she will always have her place in their son’s life. Apryl chimes in and says that she will always root for Fizz and Moniece to get along and have a great co-parenting relationship. She’s hopeful things will get better.

Moniece breaks down in tears and she is grateful for her time on the show.

What are your thoughts on the season?


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