LHHNY Recap: Yandy Throws a Lot of Jabs at Chrissy + Safaree Has More Tension with Erica

LHHNY Season 10 Episode 4
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Yandy and Chrissy hear each other out.

Despite things getting tense at first, Chrissy and Yandy actually are able to talk things out. Yandy explains that she doesn’t have an issue with Chrissy and Kimbella is stirring the pot. Yandy says she’s going through a lot in her life right now so she’s been a bit stressed, and Chrissy says she feels the same way about her own life. In a green screen interview, Yandy says Chrissy needs to stop taking her anger out on her. She should be mad at herself for how things transpired, not Yandy.

Chrissy says Yandy isn’t an honest person in her green screen interview. So she’s not sure she’ll get the truth from her anyway.

Kimbella interjects as the two women talk and says that Yandy isn’t keeping the same energy she had when Chrissy wasn’t around. But Chrissy says she really doesn’t care what people said about the foreclosure. She just wants to avoid confrontational energy. So she just wants to drop it.

Safaree cools off on Yandy.

Joe and Tahiry link up. The former couple is looking for outfits for Safaree and Erica’s wedding. They acknowledge what happened in the past and Joe says he’s changed since he’s been getting therapy. He doesn’t believe he’s a “womanizer” anymore.

Yandy has Jonathan, Cyn, Rich, and Jennaske over to hang out. Rich says Jennaske is a dope artist and she confirms she wants to make music with Safaree. Yandy warns her that she may want to make sure Erica is okay with this first. But Jennaske says she doesn’t have to because she does what she wants.

Yandy says that Safaree has changed since he’s been with Erica and he’s been a distant friend. This bothers her.

PHresher is cautious.

PHresher has plans to go to Jennaske’s showcase. His girlfriend Jen wants to go with him, but he doesn’t want her to go because she’s had jealousy issues in the past. And he doesn’t want anything to affect his business.

Safaree makes a decision.

Erica and Safaree are working on the guest list for their wedding. Safaree tells Erica not to stress out because he wants her to continue to have a healthy pregnancy. However, he’s stressed himself. Planning the wedding has just been tough.

Yandy comes up and Safaree says that she invited him to an upcoming artist showcase. Erica says Safaree and Yandy act weird when she comes around. She sometimes wonders if there are romantic feelings there. Safaree says that’s not the case and he’s not inviting Yandy to the wedding.

Chrissy has questions.

After Yandy tells Chrissy that she’s worked with her business partner Greg before, Chrissy meets with Greg to get the truth.

Greg says they did talk and he told Yandy to let him know when she’s ready to do business together. But they haven’t worked together. Chrissy feels like Yandy saying otherwise is Yandy trying to mess with her. So Greg tells Chrissy to just talk to Yandy so they can move forward.

Shade is thrown.

Yandy and her business partner want to build affordable housing for the community. She says they have been investing with Greg. Things are coming together for their plans.

Yandy discusses her previous conversation with Chrissy about Greg. Her business partner says that after Greg posted a picture of them on Instagram, Chrissy told him to take it down. In a green screen interview, Yandy says Chrissy’s investments are “little business” and what she’s doing is “big business.” So Chrissy just needs to keep it cute.

Tahiry has a plan.

Safaree goes to Tahiry’s hair salon to talk about Yandy and Erica. He knows that Erica feels weird about his relationship with Yandy. So he didn’t invite Yandy to the wedding. But Tahiry feels like he’s creating a problem in his head that doesn’t actually exist between the two women. So she tells him they need to get both women to talk.

Yandy throws a lot of jabs.

Chrissy and Yandy meet up again. Yandy says that she has been working with Greg through her holding company. Chrissy says she did tell Greg she didn’t want him to work with Yandy because she disrespected Jim years ago and he gave Yandy the first big break she got. Yandy throws a lot of shade in her green screen interview, calling Chrissy the “help,” a “dummy,” shading her age, and seemingly taking a jab a the fact that Chrissy doesn’t have kids.

Yandy cuts the conversation short after accusing Chrissy of trying to take food out of her kids’ mouths.

Erica and Yandy hash things out.

Everyone shows up to Jennaske’s event. Jonathan talks to Tahiry and tells her Erica is wrong to try to reconnect her and Joe. Juju agrees and Jonathan says Joe is actually still in love with Cyn. Tahiry doesn’t think Erica is being messy but Juju and Jonathan disagree.

PHresher and Jennaske talk. She tells him that she feels like he’s too concerned with how she looks. In a green screen interview, she says Rich seems to be more business-minded.

Jen shows up and approaches PHresher and Jennaske while they are talking. It doesn’t take long before Jen goes off and Jennaske dances and taunts her while PHresher holds her back. He decides it’s time for him and Jen to leave.

Yandy, Safaree, and Erica hash things out. Erica apologizes for shading Yandy’s wedding in the past.  When Yandy shows the text from Safaree inviting Yandy to the wedding, Erica isn’t happy that he told her otherwise. Yandy apologizes and makes it clear she didn’t mean to cause problems, and walks away.

Erica tells Safaree that they will have to talk about this when they get home.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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