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‘Power’ Recap: Ghost’s Fate is Revealed + Dre Struggles to Run from His Enemies

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Ghost nearly gets Dre killed.

Dre is with his baby momma Tina, holding their daughter. After Dre has been in so much danger, Tina suggests they just move to Vegas with her sister. But Dre doesn’t want to do that. He wants to “own” New York instead. Tina thinks he’s going to get himself killed.

While they are watching the news, they find out Ghost is now the running mate of the other Democrat running for governor. He has now left Tate’s campaign.

Dre goes over to Saxe’s place and questions why he hasn’t taken down Ghost yet. He can’t believe Ghost is running for Lieutenant Governor. Saxe tells Dre to calm down because he will fix it.

After he leaves Saxe’s place, he meets up with his crew. The Serbs bust in on them and draw their guns. It’s a standoff as they make it clear they want Dre for killing their boss. Dre says he didn’t do it before his crew begins shooting the rest of the Serbs. People are shot left and right. Dre uses his friend who recently freed from prison as a shield from bullets and nearly escapes before losing his life. However, he is shot.

Tina has a plan.

Dre goes back home and Tina helps him bandage his shoulder. She tells him she won’t be sticking around to watch him get killed. And she’s taking their daughter with her.

This causes Dre to snap and say she’s not taking their daughter. But she persuades him to go to Vegas where they can get a fresh start as a family. They will be able to catch a flight that night. Dre is low on money and Tina tells him he will have to go get it from someone he doesn’t want to see.

Spanky snitches.

Blanca interrogates 2 Bit and Spanky, separately. She tells them that they are both now on their third strikes, so they are looking at life in prison now that they have been busted at Tommy’s drug warehouse. She tells them that they can help themselves by giving her something on Tommy. While 2 Bit refuses and asks for his lawyer, Spanky tells Blanca to look into Poncho’s death.

Dre goes to a church to talk to his mother as she heads back home. He apologizes for not coming to see her in years nor contacting her since he’s been out of prison. She tells him he could have been successful and went to college. Dre says he wants to change his life, and he can do that by leaving New York with his daughter. He just needs a little money.

His mother is not hearing it and says she’s not falling for any more of his lies.

Ghost comes face to face with Dre.

Dre heads to Tasha’s daycare and says he will burn the place down if she and Tariq don’t come up with $50,000. Tasha tells him she’s broke but Dre doesn’t accept this.

Tariq meets with Dre and gives him $20,000. He says he can get him more plus a bonus at the end of the week if Dre does him a favor. He tells Dre he needs a gun. Dre says he needs to know who Tariq is going to kill before he gives him one. Tariq refuses to reveal his plans but Dre says he will give him a gun if he can take him to see Ghost. Tariq reluctantly agrees.

When they go to see Ghost at Truth, Dre asks Ghost for money after Tariq leaves them alone to talk. He tells Ghost he knows he set him up to look like he killed Jason when Ghost killed Jason himself. His crew was killed after the Serbs retaliated, so he wants Ghost to pay him for his silence or he’ll turn in Ghost and Tariq. Ghost says all can give him is $250,000. But Dre says this is too low. Ghost says he’s disappointed that Dre is a snitch who throws anyone under the bus to save himself. The two men agree to meet again in an hour.

2 Bit puts the pieces together.

As 2 Bit and Spanky are back in the holding cell, the two men discuss Tommy. While Spanky is convinced Tommy snitched them out to Blanca, 2 Bit just doesn’t believe this. He then realizes that it was Dre who snitched. Spanky silently looks remorseful since he only told Blanca about Poncho’s death because he thought Tommy snitched.

Dre goes to Tate to ask for clean plates and new IDs. He tells Tate that he’s the one who told police that Tariq killed Officer Raymond Jones. Dre makes it clear that he has a lot of valuable information on Ghost he will reveal if Tate comes through for him.

As Dre is leaving Tate’s office, he calls Tina to tell her he’s getting ready to get $250,000 from Ghost. After he hangs up the phone, the police arrest him for Jason’s murder. Ghost looks on from a distance.

Ghost reaches out to 2 Bit.

2 Bit gets a burner phone from the guard and a call from Ghost. Ghost tells him that Dre will be there soon and if he and Spanky take out Dre for him, he’ll take care of their families financially while they are locked up. The men are down for this.

But before they can make their move, Dre is called to be interrogated by Blanca.

While being interrogated by Blanca, Dre lies and says he saw Ghost kill Terry Silver. And he’s willing to testify. After 2 Bit and Spanky watch Dre be let go, 2 Bit calls Tommy. He tells Tommy that Dre snitched about the warehouse and killed BG. 2 Bit tells Tommy to kill Dre but Tommy says he’s not doing anything because someone from his crew snitched about Poncho. So he can’t trust anyone.

Tate comes through for Dre.

Dre asks the police to pull over so he can pee. While pretending to pee, he runs away.  Dre goes to his mother’s house. He attempts to steal money from her but she pulls a gun out on him. They have an emotional standoff before he steals her gun to point it at her. Dre almost shoots her after she calls him a demon. Before leaving, he tells her he didn’t tell her about his daughter because he doesn’t want her in his daughter’s life.

Dre gets in the car with his daughter and Tina. The money he managed to steal from his mom wasn’t enough.

So he heads back to Tate’s office, who offers him $100,000 to kill Ghost later that night. Dre wants all the cash upfront, but Tate wants to only give him half upfront.

Tate warns Dre not to cross him because he’s the only one who knows Dre’s new name. He hands Dre his new plates and IDs. Dre promises to kill Ghost because he would do it for free.

Dre goes back to Truth.

When Dre gets back to the car, Tina is surprised he got the money, plates, and IDs. She tells Dre he doesn’t have to do anything for Tate because Tate will get himself in trouble for giving Dre the IDs and plates. But Dre goes to Truth anyway. When he gets inside, he hears the gunshot after Ghost is shot. He runs back outside and pushes Blanca in the face when he runs into her.

He hops in the car and drives away as Tina complains about them not leaving town immediately. Dre freaks out when he sees Tommy before driving off.

Police find Dre.

Dre stops at a gas station to get gas and snacks. He watches the news and learns Ghost was murdered and there were not any witnesses.

The cops catch him as he walks out of the gas station.

Tina and the baby Heaven come to see Dre with his mother while he’s in prison. His mother tells him she will look out for Tina and Heaven while he’s locked up. She feels he’s where he belongs.

Dre begs her to help him and hire a lawyer. She says she will before handing the phone over so Dre can talk to Heaven. His mother coldly says she will make sure Heaven grows up the right way before leaving.

2 Bit and Spanky get even.

When Dre sees 2 Bit and Spanky, he starts a fight so he can be isolated for a week. While he’s in isolation, 2 Bit and Spanky open the hatch to start throwing towels that have been doused in gasoline in the room with him.

Dre begs them not to kill him because Ghost is dead and they grew up together. But they aren’t hearing this. And 2 Bit drops off a lit lighter onto the floor, burning Dre alive.

2 Bit updates Tommy on Spanky.

Sometime after, Spanky gets out. 2 Bit puts two and two together and tells Tommy that Spanky snitched about Poncho. Before Spanky signs his paperwork to be placed in witness protection, he says he doesn’t know who killed Dre. He asks her if Tommy will find out he snitched about Poncho and Blanca says no.

After she leaves the room, she meets with Angela’s sister, Paz.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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