‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Recap: Briana & Tee Tee Form an Alliance + Pepa Blesses Sam

Egypt and Tee Tee’s relationship is strained.

The episode continues where Tee Tee walked away from Twist and Sam after Twist asked if Tee wanted Egypt’s man. As the party went on, Egypt and Tee have a one on one. Tee Tee’s surprised to hear Egypt seemingly believes Sam’s oddball allegations. Tee Tee walks away before things get too tense.

Later on, Boogie meets with his business partner DJ to talk about their rehab. They purchased a property and are one step closer to opening. Boogie says he wanted to open a rehab ever since he went to one. Dame Dash stops in to see the rehab property and seems suspicious. In fact, he feels Boogie’s being scammed. Boogie explains the property costs $600K and he and DJ put up money for the down payment together.

They then talk bout Dame’s trouble with Ava amid Dame’s legal issues with Rachel Roy. Boogie’s trying to remain as neutral as possible. Meanwhile, Briana calls Tee Tee to bury the hatchet and strategize about stopping Sam from proposing to Egypt. Tee Tee reluctantly agrees.

Boogie feels his outing with Angela went well.

The next day, Boogie shows up late to his outing with Angela. However, Angela’s not too pressed as she’s not looking at Boogie as more than a friend. During their time together, they catch up. They talk about Sam confronting Tee Tee at the cookout and Angela’s surprised it occurred. Overall, Boogie feels the outing went well, according to Boogie and they cap off the date with a photo booth.

Tee Tee’s calls Tyrann to tell him about Briana wanting to meet. She’s on the way to the restaurant to meet with her and is nervous. It’s three days to propose and Sam’s with his dad Nathan north of the city, in Bakersfield. Sam’s in an eye patch and his dad isn’t happy that he almost messed up his eye and caused the show to be postponed. Nathan put up a bunch of money into the show and really wants Sam to succeed.

Sam brings up the engagement plans and Nathan’s skeptical. He asks if Egypt knows about his two baby mamas and if he talked to Treach yet. In fact, he tells Sam that he’d punch him in the mouth if he was asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage. This makes Sam really nervous.

Briana forms an uneasy alliance with Tee Tee.

Eventually, Tee Tee makes it to her meeting with Briana. Briana’s hopeful she and Tee Tee can squash their beef. When Tee Tee walks in, they exchange pleasantries and Briana presents her with a drink. Things get awkward when Troy shows up. Troy and Pepa had a falling out involving missing money and an Amex card. This makes Tee Tee very suspicious.

As this goes on, a nervous Sam stops by Pepa’s hotel room to ask about the engagement. Pepa seemingly supports him but she gets him to promise that he will talk to Treach. Back at the restaurant, Brian is able to get things focused back to stopping Sam’s proposal. Troy brings up Tryan and Tee Tee says he doesn’t approve. But, she calls Tyran “Tweedle Dee” as he followed him to a pawn shop to see Sam buy a ring.

Overall, Tee Tee is willing to squash her beef with Briana and Troy to foil Sam’s proposal plan.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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