LHHMIA Recap: Amara Clashes with Julian + Nikki Blows Her Chance with Trina

LHHMiami Season 3 Episode 2
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Amara doesn’t know what to think about Julian.

Emjay talks to Amara about what went down at her single release party. He tells her she should have told Shay beforehand that she also invited Jojo. Both agree that things should have been handled much differently. But Amara wishes Shay would understand she didn’t invite Jojo to cause drama.

Amara is also upset about what she heard Julian did to Trina. Emjay doesn’t like what was alleged and he will handle Julian if he tries Amara. But Amara has never had any issues with Julian so she’s hoping he’s innocent.

Brisco is introduced.

He had his first big break with Rick Ross. But he got locked up for fraud, so he’s hoping to get his career back on track.

He heads to a radio station to do an interview.

Trina and Trick catch up. They discuss Julian and her mother’s memorial. Trick says the memorial made him really think about life.

Trina wants to put together an all-girl tour. Trick suggests Nikki Natural be put on the tour and Trina reluctantly says she will consider this.

Nikki blows her chance with Trina.

Trina has auditions for her tour at the strip club. Joy comes to help her and isn’t thrilled when Trina tells her Nikki Natural will be auditioning.

Nikki performs and Trina enjoys the performance. She also enjoys the performances from Jay Diva and Sukihana. Trina decides she wants Sukihana but she tells Jay Diva and Nikki to battle it out for a spot.

Nikki refuses and this upsets Trina. They start arguing and Trina gives the spot to Jay Diva.

Trick tries to reason with Nikki.

Trick and Khaotic talk about Nikki’s drama at Trina’s rehearsal. Khaotic is shocked to hear Nikki snatched the mic out of Trina’s hand during her meltdown.

Not too long after, Nikki walks into the studio. Nikki says Trina doesn’t respect her and Trina’s last album didn’t do well. Trick says Miami female rappers have to respect Trina and Nikki expresses her annoyance with Trick for still being married to Joy.

Amara meets with Trina to discuss Julian.

Trina says Julian is a fraud and what he did can’t be forgiven. She says Julian got a deal in her name for $300,000 and didn’t use any of that money on Trina’s career.

She’s getting sued by multiple producers and her last album was taken off every platform online.

Trina feels Amara should question why she’s the only artist he has left.

Joseline hangs out with Trick, Trina, and her boo Ballistic.

She says that things were too toxic in Atlanta and she needed a fresh start in Miami, her hometown. Being a mother has changed her.

PreMadonna is brought up. She feels like PreMadonna is disrespectful and she hasn’t forgotten that she came for Joseline on social media.

Brisco spends time with one of his sons. His son was 12 when Brisco was locked up. He feels guilty about leaving his kids. So he wants to make things right and apologizes for being away. His son accepts his apology.

Amara confronts Julian.

Julian shows up to Amara’s latest photoshoot.

She brings up the accusations made by Trina. He says he hasn’t been sued and that the $300,000 was his money. He got his own separate deal that had nothing to do with Trina.

Amara says the rumors about him are stressing her out and he needs to go to Trina to fix everything.

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Trick and Trina catches up. #LHHMIA #LHHMiami #LoveAndHipHop #LoveAndHipHopMiami #RealityTV

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