LHHNY Recap: Rich Dollaz Attends Safaree’s Bachelor Party + Erica and Safaree Clash

LHHNY Season 10 Episode 6
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Cyn and Erica make peace.

After Cyn gets up after having a frustrating conversation with Erica, Jonathan tells Erica that she’s being insensitive to Cyn. Her breakup with Joe was very painful and she’s still not adjusted to being a single mother.

Erica begins to feel bad and she decides she needs to be more empathetic. When Cyn comes back, Erica says she never wanted to hurt anyone. She had no idea Cyn was hurting because she seemed so strong. This touches Cyn and she hugs it out with Erica.

While Yandy takes the kids out to play, she gets a phone call from Mendeecees. He’s still locked up but tells her the paperwork was submitted to determine his release date. Mendeecees will be a free man soon.

PHresher gets dumped by Jennaske.

Jennaske still hasn’t ended her professional relationship with PHresher. While at a shoot with Rich, she tells PHresher that she’s not happy with him. Rich has been coming through much more than PHresher ever has. This angers PHresher and he storms off.

Safaree and Tahiry get an update.

Erica and Safaree are back on track. They get married in two weeks so Erica and Tahiry are supporting him at his photoshoot for his new EP.

After he wraps up the shoot, Erica tells them how her conversation with Cyn went.

Tahiry hopes she’s not being made out to be the bad guy. Everyone is glad Cyn and Erica were able to make up.

Jenn has her suspicions.

PHresher updates Jenn about Jennaske ending their professional relationship. Jenn is convinced they are sleeping together and she says an artist named Jada recently sent her some disrespectful DMs saying PHresher owes her $50,000.

Safaree and Rich hash things out.

Rich and Safaree catch up in the gym.

The two men talk about what happened between them last season. Rich knows he was wrong and he apologizes for what he did. While Safaree accepts his apology, he’s not sure Erica will.

It’s time for Yandy to do her research.

Yandy hangs out with Mendeecees’ mother Judy.

After she tells Judy that Mendeecees will be coming home any day now, Judy is very happy. However, Yandy says she just found out that a felon may not be able to live with a foster child.

Judy asks if this means Mendeecees will be kicked out of the house, and Yandy says that will never be the case. She just has to figure things out and do some research.

Jada and Jenn clash.

Jenn meets with Jada. Jada says she just wants to tell Jenn what PHresher has been up to and she also just wants her $60,000 he owes her. She claims he told her he was using the money for her career but he used it to pay off his debt instead. Jada also believes the money was used to pay for Jenn’s plastic surgery.

After Jenn says Jada was dumb to give a man money, they start arguing. And Jada pulls out messages from PHresher saying he loves her and bought her flowers. Things get testy and security has to restrain them.

Erica and Safaree clash.

Safaree and Erica have their bachelorette and bachelor party under one roof. Erica is partying on one side, and Safaree parties on the other.

Rich is in attendance partying with Safaree. And when Erica and her friends find out, her friends go to Safaree’s side of the party to demand Rich be kicked out. Safaree refuses to do this and Erica comes over. It’s clear she’s upset so Rich decides to leave.

Erica and Safaree go to the bathroom to argue. At this point, Erica feels like Safaree doesn’t respect her. She breaks down in tears after Safaree walks away irritated.

Fed up and not understanding why Erica is so upset, Safaree leaves the party.

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Jen confronts PHresher about Jada. #LHHNY #LHHNewYork #LoveAndHipHop #LoveAndHipHopNewYork #RealityTV

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Jen confronts Jada. #LHHNY #LHHNewYork #LoveAndHipHop #LoveAndHipHopNewYork #RealityTV

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