‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Recap: Treach Approves of Sam + Tee Tee Goes Too Far

GUHH Season 5 Episode 7
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JoJo and Tanice argue about having more kids.

JoJo and Tanice are busy planning their wedding. They’re in an uber-expensive boutique adding things to their registry when Tanice blindsides JoJo about their reception menu. JoJo’s shocked to find out there won’t be any macaroni and cheese on the menu. Later on, JoJo drops hints that he wants a son. He gets even more disappointment when Tanice tells him that if they have a son, she doesn’t want to name him after JoJo.

Before an argument can ensue, Angela walks in. Angela suggests Tanice hires a wedding planner. She also reminds them that marriage is about compromise. Tanice brings up that she’s nervous that they’re going to have pre-marital counseling with Rev Run.

Treach approves of Sam proposing to Egypt.

Meanwhile, back in Bakersfield, CA, Sam nervously heads to his talk with Treach. Sam’s highly intimidated by Treach but he holds his head high and comes at Treach correctly. Treach brings up he heard from Tee Tee about his plans and Sam straight-up asks him for Egypt’s hand in marriage. Treach grants his request and warns him not to disrespect Egypt and the family he’s marrying into. He also tells him never to put his hands on Egypt.

Angela and Rev Run meet up for coffee. They talk about JoJo getting married. They’re happy JoJo matured and became a great family man. Rev Run also asks about Angela’s love life. She tells him it’s non-existent right now. It comes up that Angela tried finding a date via an exclusive dating app for celebrities but that fell flat. Ultimately, Angela says she feels slighted by her friendship with Romeo and it’s a struggle to date.

Tee Tee reveals her plan.

Briana and Tee Tee linked up to plot against Sam. Briana brings up Sam keeps reaching out to her, extending an olive branch. However, Briana keeps curving him. Tee Tee’s planning on keeping Egypt away from Sam’s show until the performance ends. However, she notes that Pepa’s gonna go off about this.

After his talk with Sam, Treach talks to Pepa about Sam proposing to Egypt. Treach tells Pepa that Egypt loves him and they need to accept him. He also tells Pepa to keep Tee Tee and Tyran from butting in. They accept the engagement so they need to as well.

At Rev Run’s house, JoJo and Tanice arrive for their marriage counseling. JoJo brings up the two of them have been arguing a bunch as of late. Tanice finds it weird to have pre-marital counseling with Rev Run and doesn’t want to cross the line. Rev Run tells them he’s confident the two of them won’t divorce. But Tanice brings up how JoJo comes home at any time of night. JoJo says he’s working 24/7 in the industry. But she says she had to quit her job because of it. She wants JoJo to change because she feels it’s selfish.

Next, JoJo says Tanice not having another child, preferably a son is a deal-breaker. Tanice finds it frustrating that he won’t listen to her when she says she doesn’t want another child. It makes her wonder if JoJo will listen to her once they’re married.

Tee Tee springs into action.

It’s the day of Sam’s show and proposal. He and Egypt are back stage getting ready for the performance. Not only is he proposing, but it’s also a big show for him and his band. He’s hopeful this performance will lead to a record deal and ultimately get people off his back. Tee shows up to take Egypt away and enact her plan.

Egypt’s excited for Sam’s show and that’s going to make Tee Tee’s plan harder to succeed. Egypt’s performing two songs during Sam’s performance so she’s adamant she shows up on time. Once they get into the car service, Tee Tee does her best to keep them driving around.

The driver takes them to the wrong address and Egypt freaks out. Meanwhile, Briana and Twist show up with Tyran as Sam doesn’t see Egypt in the building. He suspects Tee Tee has something to do with it. Back in the car, Egypt and Tee Tee are stuck in traffic as the show’s supposed to begin and Tee Tee’s beginning to feel bad.

It’s time for Sam to perform and he has to go on with the show.

The episode ends with Egypt freaking out.

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