‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Charmaine Slams Ryan & Draya + Ryan & Kitty Discuss Their Relationship

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 6 Episode 11
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Ryan throws salt on Charmaine’s wound.

Charmaine is still feeling some type of way about the article in the Chicago Tribune. She hates that it was revealed that she doesn’t have her registration with the health department. So she tells the 2nd City Ink staff about this while Ryan updates Phor and Don back at 9Mag. The men aren’t surprised because they know Charmaine has never owned a tattoo shop before. So there are things she just doesn’t know that need to be done.

Ryan was interviewed and he told the Chicago Tribune that Charmaine just isn’t on his level. He knows that Charmaine won’t like that he said this but he feels she should have handled her business.

He also believes she hasn’t done enough to establish herself in Chicago like he has. And it’s serious that she doesn’t have her license. If she doesn’t get this handled, the shop will be shut down.

As for Charmaine, she tells her 2nd City Ink artists that her not having the license isn’t a big deal. They are just going to get the paperwork done. For now, she’s more concerned about her upcoming baby shower. It will be in New York because Neek’s family is there.

A visit home puts things in perspective for Jessica.

Jessica goes back to her old shop while in London. She catches up with her best friend Steven and the others at the shop. When it comes to her future, she’s not sure if she’s going to return to Chicago. While there, Jessica tattoos some clients.

One of her clients wants a tattoo of a tiger to show off her strength.

After tattooing her client, Jessica is considering going back to Chicago to finish what she started with Charmaine.

Kitty and Charmaine discuss Ryan’s quote.

Charmaine and Kitty make it to New York. While riding around the city, Charmaine vents about Ryan’s quote to the Chicago Tribune. She doesn’t understand why he would say what he did when they were working on their friendship. But Kitty says that everything will be fine because she got the paperwork done for the license. And she has no interest in seeing her old crew back at Black Ink.

Jessica wants Steven to move to Chicago.

Steven and Jessica reminisce about the time they got so drunk together. Jessica is grateful for the friendship and says they never slept together.

The two friends discuss what happened with Charmaine and Kitty. Jessica still doesn’t feel as if Kitty is qualified enough to manage the shop. But what bothered her the most was that Charmaine wasn’t receptive to her feelings.

Regardless, Jessica still thinks they could move forward if they have an honest conversation. She invites Steven to come back to Chicago with her so she can have some support. He loves the idea but knows he has some loose ends to tie up before he can leave.

It’s the night of Charmaine’s baby shower.

Ryan catches up with Ariel at Charmaine’s shower. He’s nervous that Charmaine may confront him about the interview. While Kitty is talking to Danielle, she notices Ryan enjoying his conversation with Ariel. She’s not thrilled that he isn’t really talking to her but she’s focused more on supporting Charmaine.

When Charmaine and Neek arrive, they are greeted with so much love. Charmaine is very happy to see her dad and Neek’s mom. And she’s a bit nervous being around Neek’s conservative extended family members. However, they are very friendly towards her.

Charmaine has an emotional conversation with Neek’s mom who tells her that she has lived up to her standards. And she’s ready to love up on Charmaine as they grieve her mother’s passing.

Jessica updates Plug.

Back at 2nd City Ink, Jessica FaceTimes Plug. She tells him that she is coming back to the shop. Plug is so happy to hear this. He also tells her that Prince is locked up and Charmaine didn’t get the shop registered with the health department. Jessica is shocked to hear this because she asked Charmaine if they had all the paperwork handled. And Charmaine said she handled all of it.

At this point, she feels like Charmaine and Kitty are downplaying the severity of this. So she needs to talk to Draya.

Kitty and Ryan get real.

Ryan has noticed that he runs into a lot of women he has a past with at Charmaine’s events.

Kitty is still wondering why he hasn’t spoken to her yet. She makes her way over towards him to get some food and Ryan speaks. He questions why she hadn’t spoken to him earlier.

But Kitty says she isn’t going to interrupt his conversations to speak to him. They discuss how Ryan is around past flings and Kitty says she has never questioned who he was with. When Ryan says he “f*cks with Kitty,” she questions in what way.

Ryan says they have been kicking it and establishing more of a relationship. While he’s not sure where things will go, he doesn’t want things to be awkward. So they hug it out.

Draya confronts Charmaine.

While at the shower, Draya gets a FaceTime call from Jessica. She tells Draya that Charmaine never got the license with the health department. So the shop could be shut down.

This enrages Draya and she decides to confront Charmaine. She’s upset that Charmaine previously said that it’s not a big deal and the shop won’t be shut down.

When Draya brings this up to Charmaine and Danielle, Charmaine says the paperwork has been filed. And Danielle says that this isn’t the appropriate time to discuss this. Charmaine says that the truth is she didn’t get the license becuase of Zach and Fly Tattted’s altercation. The owner of the building said that they weren’t giving Charmaine a lease unless there weren’t any more problems for three months. And not getting the lease prevented them from getting a license.

And honestly, the whole situation happened because of Draya’s relationship with Zach. So Charmaine says, “f*ck you” to Draya before walking away.

Ryan strikes out with Charmaine.

Charmaine gives an emotional speech and thanks everyone for coming out. She says that it’s been hard to do this without her mother. And she and her father are grieving together.

When it’s time to cut the cake, Charmaine gets irritated when Ryan asks if she has the proper license to cut the cake. So Charmaine confronts him about his interview. Ryan says the Chicago Tribune asked him a lot of questions about Charmaine’s shop being in competition with his. And he feels like they aren’t in a competition because Charmaine doesn’t know anything about running a tattoo shop.

Overall, he feels this way about anyone with a new shop in Chicago. But he finds it funny that Charmaine is upset about this interview when Charmaine had some not so nice things to say about Ryan shooting up the shop to the same publication in the past. And he feels that what she said back then was much worse.

Regardless, he still wants Charmaine to succeed and she needs to get her business together. After he tells Charmaine he’ll be there for her, she tells him to “go f*ck yourself.”

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