Sky Sends a Subliminal Message After Explosive Scene with Son on ‘Black Ink Crew’

Photo Credit: VH1

Sky has very up and down relationships with her sons Des and Genesis. This is something she has been open about on “Black Ink Crew.” However, the latest episode has made her the target of a lot of backlash. Many feel as if the things she said to Des were way out of line.

During her angry moment, Sky told Des that she wishes she would have aborted him. And she also said that his father never loved him.

Of course, Des was hurt by this. And he broke down in tears as he told Ceaser what went down. At this point, Des is regretful that he ever got close to Sky. He wishes he would have been more cautious about forming a relationship with her. And he feels like he was too naive when she came back into his life.

After the criticism began to roll in from the episode, Sky posted a subliminal message.

Check out the screenshot below.

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