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‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Sky is Suspended from the Show + Tati Comes for Ryan

Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 18

Photo Credit: VH1

Sky has been suspended.

After the executive producer informs Ceaser of what all really went down with Sky and Des, he tells the others that Sky has been suspended from the show until further notice. And Sky got into a physical altercation with Des and other people got hurt. In a green screen interview, Cease says he wishes he could have prevented things from getting out of control. So for now, Sky is not on the show and she can’t be in the shop.

This news stuns the rest of the crew. Donna says that Sky has to take care of herself before she can be the mother she wants to be. And if the suspension is what it takes for her to get there, it may be for the best.

Everyone hopes the time away from the show will help Sky.

It’s time for Cease to step up.

Cease and Q go to see Council Cornegy at an event. Some important people are there, including Spike Lee. Cornegy grabs the mic to speak about the gentrification that’s taking place in Brooklyn.

After Cornegy wraps up his speech, he tells Cease and Q it’s important for black people to vote in the upcoming elections. Cease gets honest and admits that he’s never voted before because he never trusted politicians. So Cornegy asks Cease to do what he has to in order to encourage young people to get out and vote because their vote does matter.

Tati makes some accusations about Ryan.

It’s a girls night out for Bae, Donna, and Tati. They talk about their s*x lives and Bae notices weird energy between Tati and Donna that’s somewhat flirty. But they change the topic and talk about Miss Kitty.

Bae feels as if Kitty has been fake for years now. Donna agrees and says that Kitty’s true colors have now come out. Tati then says that Kitty said that Ryan has a little d*ck. The women start laughing. And later on, Donna and Tati get frisky with each other.

Crystal learns about Q’s past.

Q and Crystal catch up over facials. Crystal is done trying to get back together with Cease. She’s upset about how he didn’t step in during her blowup with Kitty. So at this point, she just wants them to peacefully co-parent. They will never get back together.

They change topics. Q says that his mother is coming to town and he’s conflicted because he’s open with is sexuality in New York. His mother didn’t want him to do this when he was growing up in Atlanta. It went against her rules. So Q left and didn’t talk to his mom for a year. He was even homeless at one point.

Although he talks to his mom now, it’s hard for him to forget how things played out. Crystal urges him to have an honest conversation with his mom about everything when she makes it to New York.

Donna has had enough.

Back at the shop, Walt preps Tati for her new role as the receptionist. He even gives her a new headset to answer the phone. In a green screen interview, Tati makes it clear that she’s going to ask for her old position back.

Walt decides to have a meeting while using a new microphone. He hands out some name tags for people to start wearing. Of course Cease is annoyed when he is given one.

Donna is told to wear a t-shirt that says she’s a Black Ink apprentice. She gets mad and throws the shirt on the ground. Donna says that she’s no one’s apprentice. And she gets angry when Teddy asks her to spell perseverance. She then goes off and storms out of the shop.

A voter registration drive is born.

Cease tells the gang that he heard from Sky. She’s been trying to get her mind right in Miami with her best friend.

He changes the subject and says they should help people register to vote. Puma says he didn’t care to vote after his past run ins with the law. But he wants to now. Teddy says he can’t vote because he has a felony. But Cease says that is not true and he actually can.

So they will have people register to vote at the Brooklyn shop.

Donna is thinking things through.

After Donna’s blowup, Bae meets up with her at a restaurant. She’s not happy about the demotion. She breaks down in tears and says that she’s still disappointed about misspelling her client’s tattoo. In her opinion, it’s not fair that she was demoted for a mistake.

She isn’t sure she can stay at Black Ink.

Progress is made between Q and his mom.

Q’s mom makes it to his apartment. He tells her he went to a gay bar for the first time and he’s been open with his sexuality in New York. When she says she’s surprised, he says that she wouldn’t allow him to be himself back at home.

But his mom says she kicked him out because he was disrespectful and didn’t follow her rules. In a green screen interview, he reveals he was 15 when he was put out and turned tricks for money so he could survive.

His mom apologizes for not being understanding when he was younger. She admits it wasn’t easy for her to accept that he was gay back then.

But they agree to work on their relationship.

Tati doesn’t get through to Cease.

It’s the day of the voter registration drive. Cease decides to register too. Cornegy has a young man who has a felony speak and tell everyone that this won’t keep them from having a right to vote.

Tati pulls Cease to the side and says she’s so much more than a receptionist. And she wants to be the manager again. Being demoted was a slap to her face. But Cease says she just has to adapt to her new role.

In a green screen interview, Cease says Tati will have to work her way back to where she wants to be.

After Tati doesn’t get the answer she wanted from Cease, she walks off.

Cease wants to get even with Ryan.

During the voter registration drive, Teddy gets a text from someone in Ryan’s camp. It’s a video of Ryan and Kitty getting cozy at a bar. Ceaser gets mad and says that Ryan is being disrespectful. He’s convinced the video was sent to make him angry. And he wonders why Ryan isn’t loyal when he called Cease when he was trying to get his shop off the ground. But since Ryan made his move, it’s time for Cease to make his.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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