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LHHNY Recap: Cisco & Peter Clash Over Amina Buddafly

LHHNY Season 10 Episode 14

Photo Credit: VH1

Rich doesn’t back down.

Olivia is upset that Cisco is denying he told her Rich stole money from her. But Cisco thinks they all just need to hash things out and he really wants Olivia to speak to Rich. Olivia is originally against talking to Rich again, but she finally decides it’s the best option at this point.

Not too long after, Rich pops up. And Rich says Olivia didn’t write the song so she doesn’t have any publishing rights. So Olivia gets fed up and walks away.

This leads to Rich and Cisco arguing. Cisco tells Rich that he’s not handling the situation right. Rich pulls out the paperwork and the number of spins that “December” has, as well as a spreadsheet that breaks down who did what for the song. He says once again that he doesn’t owe Olivia anything. And he was the one who paid for everything.

Safaree has Erica concerned.

Erica isn’t thrilled that Safaree is out of town promoting his new music. But she’s happy when Remy comes by to check on her. Remy is also in a great mood because her album is almost done.

When it comes to Safaree, Remy feels like Safaree should be in town so he won’t miss the birth of his first child. Erica agrees, but she still wants to be supportive. Nagging isn’t something she wants to do.

Remy jokingly tells her that wives are allowed to nag their husbands three times a day.

Erica could give birth any day now. And she may give birth before her due date.

Cisco now remembers.

Peter and Cisco catch up. They talk about Olivia and Rich’s recent blowup. Cisco says he now remembers talking to Olivia and she said she was having money problems. She said she didn’t know where her music sales were going. All he did was tell her how to get that information and that was it. He never said that Rich stole from her.

Peter says that Cisco needs to tell Rich what he did tell Olivia.

Olivia hears Yandy out.

Yandy and Olivia meet at the gym. It is revealed that Yandy misplaced Mendeecees’ ring. She has to find it soon. But she may have to just get him another ring and tell him she just wanted to upgrade him.

Rich is then brought up. Olivia talks about what just went down with Rich and Cisco. She says Rich is still acting like she doesn’t have publishing rights when she does. And it was Rich’s job to put her and the two writers down for publishing rights. But he didn’t and she thinks that was shady.

Yandy says that Rich loves Olivia despite all of their drama. She’s the only woman he would get that emotional over. So Yandy just wants them to have a civilized conversation and avoid court.

Olivia feels like Yandy always sticks up for Rich, so she calls her out for this. But Yandy denies this and says she just wants Olivia and Rich to listen to each other.

PHresher is done.

Jen comes clean to PHresher. The proposal was sweet and she loves her engagement ring, but she still doesn’t like that he met with Jada behind her back. And it’s not something a husband to be should be doing.

She only said yes because she didn’t want to embarrass PHresher. So she wants to give him the ring back. Jen also wants them to work on rebuilding their relationship.

PHresher gets angry and tells Jen to keep the ring before storming off.

In a green screen interview, Jen says she can learn to live without PHresher although she loves him. But it’s up to him to make things work. As for PHresher, he doesn’t think he’s capable of ever being the man Jen wants him to be.

Infinity speaks her mind.

Yandy and Infinity go to a jewelry store to look for another ring for Mendeecees. In a green screen interview, Yandy says she’s never going to tell Mendeecees she lost his ring. A new ring will be much better anyway.

When Infinity is asked how she feels about Mendeecees coming back home, she says she will have to adjust to him being there. She’s not sure if she can call him dad, but she thinks he’s cool. They end up picking out a ring with lots of diamonds.

Mendeecees is getting ready to be a free man.

It’s Mendeecees’ release date. Yandy and his mother ride to the prison together. It’s a happy day for them. Yandy is very emotional and she can’t forget all the times she was sad to miss out on making new memories with him.

Cisco and Peter clash.

Peter, Rich, and Cisco meet up, again. Cisco knows he needs to tell Rich what he told Olivia that led to all of the drama. So he does, and he tells Rich that his name was never mentioned. Olivia took the conversation and ran with it.

Rich says he should have told him this a day or so after the conversation. But he understands Cisco didn’t because it was a general conversation.

Cisco is put on blast.

Rich then brings up Amina and says that she stayed with Cisco in Atlanta during the Super Bowl. She spent the night. Rich decided to spill the tea in front of Peter.

Cisco says that he ran into Amina at a party. She couldn’t find her friend and had nowhere to stay that night. Nothing happened and Amina is just like a sister to him.

Peter is not buying this. And he asks Cisco if he’d be okay with him calling up Cisco’s baby momma to tell her to spend the night. This results in the men getting into a scuffle and having to be restrained by security.

Erica gives birth.

Safaree is back in New York promoting and performing his new music. He gets a text from Erica telling her to call her immediately. She says that her water broke.

So Safaree ends the event and hops into an Uber. Erica is terrified but he tells her he’s on the way.

He makes it in time to see his daughter’s arrival in the world.

Season wrap up:

Remy is ready for her new album but she’s thinking about stepping back from the industry and supporting Papoose’s career.

Rich realizes he needs to work harder to maintain relationships with the people who matter.

Kimbella has become stronger with Juelz in prison. She’s been working diligently to make sure Juelz’s music career continues while he’s away.

Erica is thankful that Safaree was there for the birth of their babygirl. Safaree and Erica have decided to raise their family in Atlanta.

Cyn thought that Joe would be her husband. But she’s ready to move on with her life. She knows she deserves happiness.

Yandy has been counting down the days until Mendeecees comes back home. She’s happy the day has arrived.

Chrissy didn’t want to come back to New York until she was ready. Jim is now ready for marriage but she’s not sure if that’s what the future holds.

What are your thoughts on the season finale?


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