‘Friends And Family Hustle’ Recap: Monica Reveals What Ended Her Marriage + LeToya Breaks Down

Friends And Family Hustle Season 3 Episode 2
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The pregnancy test results are in.

LeToya gets the results from her pregnancy test. While Tommi wants another baby, LeToya doesn’t think it’s a good time. But the test says she’s not pregnant. So Tommi says that should keep trying. When he says this, LeToya says that they should probably not rush into this. In a green screen interview, she makes it clear she wants them to mend some things in their marriage before they have another child.

Tiny helps Heiress build her empire.

Tiny meets with her manager with Heiress so they can talk about adding on to Heiress’ beauty brand. Now that the nail polish is out, next is lip gloss. And Tiny wants to shoot a commercial with the family so they can increase sales.

Lil Wayne and Reginae are doing better.

Reginae and Toya have a spa date. Lil Wayne told Reginae that Lucci wasn’t a good situation for her and sometimes people don’t know how to love others because they don’t love themselves. But the great thing is the breakup has made her closer to her dad.

Toya says Red has been pushing her to work on her relationship with her own father. He has a lot of kids and he only bonded with a few of them. The others have been neglected, including Toya.

Reginae says that Toya has been more understanding of her mom’s faults. So she should try to give her father a chance.

Rocko has a girlfriend.

Monica catches up with her sons. She doesn’t want them to have to go to new schools. Her oldest son Rocko is open to switching schools and that’s because he has his first girlfriend. Monica teases him and says she needs to give him some tips on how be a gentleman.

The Harris Family goes bowling.

Tiny and TI take the kids bowling for some family bonding time. Major has no interest in bowling and Tiny says she knows they still need to find his passion. Of course, he’s also not happy to hear that the family has to shoot a commercial for Heiress’ nail polish line. But not everyone feels like Major. TI is enthusiastic and wants to be the director.

Tommi changed his mind.

After playing a game of pool, LeToya brings up counseling again. Tommi has changed his mind and he’s now open to talking to someone. She’s happy to hear this and plans to support him every step of the way.

Monica talks about Shannon.

Tiny and TI hang out with Monica and the kids. As they discuss Rocko’s girlfriend, TI says his mom didn’t like Tiny at first. But Monica really likes Rocko’s girlfriend.

She wants him to always be okay with talking to her about his love life and TI says that will change eventually as he gets older. But that’s normal.

As for TI, he wants to protect his daughters from heartbreak. But he thinks heartbreak will help his sons discover who they are.

Monica eventually tells Tiny that her having to always be on the road for her music career ended her marriage. Shannon didn’t like the fact that Monica was always traveling.

But she’s looking forward to dating again when she’s ready.

Toya gets advice from Red.

Red and Toya have a competitive game of mini-golf. While there, Toya tells Red that she’s changed her mind about her father after talking to Reginae. She wants to work on her relationship with him.

Red tells her not to attack him and just be open.

Tommi and LeToya get counseling.

LeToya and Tommi get some counseling by Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer. The wives and husbands talk separately.

LeToya feels Tommi’s mom was the go-to person when he needed to talk about his marriage. And his mom was LeToya’s go-to person when she needed to talk about Tommi.

Tommi tells the pastor that his heart is broken. But the pastor tells Tommi that he needs to allow himself to properly grieve. And he needs to do this with healthy outlets.

LeToya knows he’s hurting and it hurts that there’s nothing she can do about it. Every night Tommi reads his mom’s old texts and cries.

After they finish, Pastor Gray tells the couple to get certified marriage counseling. And Tommi needs to know that LeToya wants to be seen in their marriage.

Rocko supports Monica.

Monica and her son Rocko grab a bite to eat. She tests his gentlemanliness. And then tells him to not be like his dad and be too cool when he’s dating.

She also asks him if he’s okay with her dating again. He tells her to go ahead if she’s ready.

The commercial is a success.

It’s the day to film Heiress’ commercial. TI is very passionate about his role as the director. While Heiress struggles at first, she gets it together and the commercial comes out great.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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