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RHOA Reunion Recap: Porsha Drags Eva + Eva Stands by ‘Nappy Heads’ Comment

RHOA Reunion Episode 24

RHOA Reunion Episode 24

The women talk about their split personalities.

Cynthia admits that she does have another side to her. But she’s confused if she’s a weak person or 50 Cynt because NeNe switches it up so much. But Cynthia says she’s not a punk. So she will fight when she’s backed up into a corner.

Kenya says the Ken jokes were funny to her. And NeNe says that Ken is a better person because she shuts the f*ck up. Kenya then says that Nay Nay should do the same. NeNe then calls Kenya a b*tch and says she will continue to do so.

Kenya doesn’t see the hypocrisy.

When it comes to Marc, Kenya says that she’s been getting counseling with Marc. And he’s fighting for his marriage. At this point, he’s changed a lot. He’s a lot more humble now in the relationship. They have had to do virtual therapy because he’s living in New York. It’s possible seeing himself on the show made him want to change.

Kenya says that Marc texting another woman isn’t actually cheating so it can’t compare to the Cookie Lady accusations. And Marc didn’t exactly shut the woman down as she wanted.

She breaks down in tears and says she’s not going to be a fighter with the people she loves. When a viewer writes that Kenya has said so many nasty things about people’s relationships and could have gotten her karma in Marc, Kenya says that she just said things in response to people coming for her. Porsha strongly disagrees and brings up Kenya calling her a beard and insinuating Kordell was in the closet.

Kandi then comes in and says it’s not karma with Marc, it’s the issues of long-distance. And Baby Brooklyn was a blessing.

NeNe goes off on Eva.

When NeNe is asked about questioning if Kenya’s eggs were used to get pregnant with Brooklyn, NeNe says she’s not taking anything back because the women have said terrible things about her and never apologized. So she’s not apologizing. After Eva says that’s unbecoming for a grandmother, NeNe tells Eva to stay out of it. She’s not going to help Eva turn her plum into a peach. Eva says she met NeNe the first time at a red carpet NeNe was trying to get on and NeNe says no one cares about Eva being on a red carpet 17 years ago.

NeNe then says Eva came to the show broke. And all Eva talks about is “Top Model” and she hasn’t been on top since. Eva needs to respect her elders and she can go back to LA and “lick the bottoms.”

Andy gets annoyed and mutes both.

Porsha slams Eva.

Kenya then brings up NeNe saying her daughter looks only like Marc. Kenya says NeNe’s kids look like her and she looks like the white woman in drag like “White Chicks.”

She also pulls out her marriage certificate for her doubters.

Eva and Porsha then argue about finances and Porsha slams Eva for her ageist clap backs. She tells Eva she’s no spring chicken and it’s not a big deal she bought a house when everyone there has one too. After Eva calls her an aged hen, Porsha also says that Eva’s boobs are social distancing.

When Cynthia brings up the fact that she thinks NeNe said she thinks Cynthia’s relationship with Mike is just for TV, NeNe gets mad and says she’s not about to let all the women come for her. She then slams her computer shut.

Kandi explains bone collecting.

Eva then says she can’t stand “this old b*tch” when referring to NeNe.

After Marlo and Tanya make their appearances, NeNe returns.

They bring up Kandi’s role as the bone collector this season. She says this wasn’t her intention. Since she was on decent terms with everybody, she felt like if she didn’t tell people what was said, they would be upset with her. So she did.

Kenya educates Eva.

Eva’s comments about Porsha’s relationship and C-section scar are discussed.

She says she forgot what she actually said to Kandi. Porsha calls Eva a bottom of the barrel b*tch that she regrets even helping. Eva says there was nothing shady about saying PJ looks like Dennis. Andy says that it sounded shady considering Eva said it when she was in the middle of a read. Porsha warns Eva to be quiet or she will “virtually kick” her a*s.

When the nappy heads comment is brought up, Eva says she can speak how she wants about “black culture” because she’s a black woman.

Kenya then speaks up and says that it’s not okay coming from a light-skinned woman with straighter hair. Eva isn’t really receiving this but Kenya says she has to be sensitive about things like that because that wasn’t a good look.

Wendy Williams is brought up.

NeNe’s fractured relationships with the women are put on the table.

When she is asked about where she’s currently standing with Wendy, she says it’s in a neutral place. They are okay. Kenya then says it’s not a real friendship and they aren’t honest with each other. Wendy dogged NeNe out and that’s not how a real friend does things.

Tanya says she doesn’t think it’s that deep. Kandi disagrees and says NeNe is strategic with her friendships. And NeNe won’t drag Wendy because Wendy’s platform is important.

NeNe says that she promised Wendy she wouldn’t drag her publicly when they have an issue. So she’s keeping her word. Kenya says NeNe’s apologies aren’t sincere. Porsha then steps in and says that can also be said about Kenya as well. They were cool but Kenya has been taking jabs at her, especially after she made up with NeNe.

Porsha has her own receipts.

Porsha brings up Kenya’s threats of bringing receipts. NeNe jumps in and tells Kenya to worry about her fake friendship with Cynthia.

Kenya says her receipt is that NeNe told her and Cynthia that they needed to do something about Porsha being on “Celebrity Apprentice” three years ago.

Porsha claps back and says that she has her own receipt of Kenya saying she was going to go after Cynthia. And she’s making sure that Cynthia’s time on the show is coming to an end. She has the text to prove it. The text happened this season.

Andy tells him to send him the screenshot as well as Cynthia. Porsha also says that Kenya is not really Cynthia’s friend.

Porsha and NeNe defend their truce.

Back to NeNe, she says that it’s important to be sincere with one’s apologies. But if the other women don’t want to accept it, that’s fine. But she doesn’t see the issue because all the women on the show fall out and makeup.

Kandi says that the only reason she had a reaction to Porsha and NeNe making up is that she didn’t understand why Porsha said life had been hard without her. Porsha says that she said that because she knows NeNe would have been there for her while she was pregnant.

Porsha also says that NeNe had her back when she went through her divorce with Kordell. And she’s been there for her hardest times. She needed NeNe’s support when Dennis cheated on her.

Kandi says that Porsha wanted NeNe off the show and NeNe dragged Porsha while she was pregnant, but NeNe says all the women do the same thing. They fight and then they make up. So she doesn’t understand why Kandi is so bothered by her and Porsha making up.

What are your thoughts on part one of the reunion?

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