RHOA Recap: Sanya & Kenya Hash Things Out

RHOA Season 14 Episode 15 Recap
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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the tension continues to worsen in the group. After Sheree and Kenya call out Sanya for how she’s been hosting the trip, Aaron has had enough. He tells them he’s not going to tolerate anyone coming for his wife. And Kenya believes he was being too aggressive during that moment.

Although Sheree and Sanya eventually hash out their issues, Kenya and Sanya are still struggling. And they have to eventually have an honest conversation about how things went wrong between them.

Plus, Marlo wants people to understand why she feels Kandi hit her below the belt first.

Here’s a recap for, “Not Michelle Obama.”

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  1. I just think Sanye wants to have an issue with Kenya. I am not understanding how she is able to pass her differences with Sheree, make excuses for Sheree’s behavior at the dinner table, and then invite her on an adventure the next day, but only sees Kenya’s actions as negative and ungrateful!

    Is Kenya a piece of work? YES. Does Kenya have a slick mouth? YES. However, Kenya does not allow others to manipulate her into having issues with folks because of instigators. Sanye doesn’t realize that Kenya is very mischievous, but she is very smart also and the other ladies (Marlo and Sherri) are both Jealous of Kenya for a number of reasons. However, they try to get newbies to have issues with them so they can sit back and laugh. Unfortunately, most of them take the bait!

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