LHHATL Recap: Akbar V Comes to Blows with LightSkinKeisha, Spice, & Tokyo Vanity

LHHATL Season 9 Episode 9 Recap
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Sierra still has feelings for Shooter.

Akbar V goes by Sierra’s Glam Shop to catch up. They briefly discuss the Corona Virus and Sierra says she’s really paranoid. So she’s taking it seriously because it’s killing people.

They discuss what happened with Paris. Since the incident, Paris is now attending private school. And thankfully, she loves it.

She also reveals her blowup with BK makes her miss Shooter. Sierra also says that he’s been sending messages telling her that he misses her too.

Akbar gets frustrated.

Akbar expresses her frustrations with trying to get a record deal. She’s also tired of people criticizing the fact that all of her kids don’t live with her even though she has custody of all of them. And she gets annoyed when Sierra says she likes Akbar and LightSkinKeisha’s music. She thinks this proves Sierra isn’t loyal. And she says Keisha has been sending nasty DMs about her to fans.

Since Spice has an event coming up, Sierra warns Akbar to not start any trouble there. Akbar says she won’t.

LHHATL Season 9 Episode 9

Keisha tells Coca Vango she is preparing for Spice’s event. She knows that Akbar will be there and she doesn’t like that Akbar likes to feud with other female rappers. In her opinion, Akbar needs therapy. Coca agrees. While Keisha doesn’t want drama, she will step to Akbar if there’s an issue at the event.

Karlie upsets Alexis.

Spice’s launch event for her new wig and makeup lines brings out all the girls, including Kiyomi, Alexis, and Akbar. Alexis thinks Kiyomi is being petty when she says that she used to talk to Fetty Wap. But she keeps the peace and also confirms that she’s in a better place with Karlie. In a green screen interview, Karlie says that she won’t believe anything that comes out of Alexis’ mouth because she lied about Karlie’s ring is the one Mo picked out for her first.

Karlie then questions Alexis’ s*x trafficking story when she says that Mo told her that Alexis was acting up when she was 16 by choice. Mimi thinks this isn’t cool and neither does Shekinah.

After telling Karlie this isn’t true and she didn’t know Mo when she was 16, Alexis goes outside and breaks down in tears. Spice goes outside to console her.

Akbar and Shekinah clash.

Karlie then reintroduces Shekinah and Akbar, urging them to make peace. They aren’t feeling this and argue immediately.

Akbar then throws a drink on Shekinah and they have to be restrained by security. All of this drama upsets Spice because Akbar promised her she would be on her best behavior. Shekinah ends up getting put out of the event although she didn’t throw the drink.

When Tokyo and Keisha pull up, Shekinah tells them what happened. Back inside the event, Spice confronts Akbar for not keeping her promise. Akbar promises she won’t say or do anything else to cause problems.

Keisha and Akbar come to blows.

After things calm down, Spice then performs. Tokyo and Keisha walk in and start dancing.

Later, Spice explains to Tokyo and Keisha what went down between Akbar and Shekinah. Keisha then asks Akbar what’s the problem between them and then Akbar runs up. As soon as they start scrapping, Tokyo jumps in to help Keisha. Security breaks everything up and takes Keisha and Tokyo outside.

Spice and Akbar come to blows.

Afterward, Akbar walks up to Karlie and Spice then starts attacking Akbar. They are also restrained by security. At this point, Spice wants Akbar out her event. And she’s done with Akbar.

Alexis is annoyed by Akbar and decides to leave the event, too. She doesn’t agree with Akbar’s actions. But before she can leave, Keisha runs up on Akbar and they have another scuffle that has to be broken up by security. Alexis also tries to break things up, but it’s clear that there will be more drama the next time Akbar sees Keisha and Tokyo.

Production is shut down.

With the coronavirus becoming a bigger concern, Kirk is at the bistro trying to clean up for the customers. Scrappy and Shooter come by to catch up. Shooter tells them about Kiyomi and Cheyenne’s blowup.

Producers then tell them that they have to shut down production due to Covid-19. In fact, producers show how all the cast reacts to this news.

Kirk is concerned and wonders how bills will be paid since the bistro is still in debt.

The cast is scared after the state of Georgia is put on lockdown. Those who own businesses are forced to close. And many are having to adjust to working from home.

The cast adjusts.

Joc tells Kendra he doesn’t know if the wedding can happen anytime soon.

Erica and Safaree worry about their newborn.

BK’s uncle caught the virus and didn’t pull through. He’s tearful as he remembers him. The whole situation makes him realize the importance of telling people you love them while you can.

Although it’s a scary time, the cast tries their best to adjust. Some are able to spend more time with family and appreciate the little things.

At the end of the episode, producers confirm that filming has been temporarily suspended.

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