‘Married to Medicine’ Stars Dr. Jackie & Dr. Contessa Hit with Controversial Accusations

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“Married to Medicine” fans have been talking a lot about the upcoming season. So far, Mariah Huq is out. And the same is reportedly the case for Buffie Purselle. But Dr. Heavenly Kimes said that things could change when it comes to Mariah.

Buffie recently opened up about her first season on the show in an interview with All About The Tea.

While she didn’t speak on the rumors of her firing, she did have a lot to say about what she claims viewers didn’t get to see last season.

When it comes to Dr. Jackie Walters, Buffie says that Jackie calling her infertile wasn’t their only issue. So she addressed Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ claim that Buffie was upset that Jackie said she didn’t remember meeting her prior.

According to Buffie, she actually met Jackie before she got on the show. And she was introduced to Jackie by a mutual friend. So when one of Buffie’s clients was looking to hire a doctor for a head of women’s clinical research position, Buffie allegedly referred Jackie for the job.

Jackie had a meeting with Buffie’s client for the position, and Buffie was told that Jackie acted like she had no idea who Buffie was when the client brought her up.

And Buffie says this really bothered her because Jackie did this in a room full of white folks and pretended to not know the black woman who referred her for the job. And the job was a pay increase of an extra few hundred grand.

Buffie said she confronted Jackie about this and Jackie apologized.

She also claimed that things were a lot worse at Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris’ house warming party than viewers got to see.

As viewers may recall, Buffie had some tension with Contessa. And BuffContessa got in Buffie’s face and urged her to move on from the pain of her past miscarriages. Some viewers thought Contessa was being very insensitive during this moment.

In the interview, Buffie alleges that Contessa said much more but this was cut out the episode. She accused Contessa of saying that everyone in the room had a baby except Buffie. And Contessa allegedly said that she was getting ready to rock Buffie on the floor like the baby Buffie will never have.

Buffie had a lot more to say than the accusations she made about Jackie and Contessa. You can read the full interview here.

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