GUHH Recap: Pepa Supports Egypt’s Actions + Boogie’s Frustrated About Romeo’s Sit-Down

GUHH Season 5 Episode 19
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Eric tells Angela what Master P said about Romeo taking advantage of her.

The episode begins with Eric revealing to the Simmons family about Master P and Romeo’s meeting and their controversial comments about Eric. Eric tells them P and Romeo wants to clear the air with everyone and Eric wants everyone to do the same with them. JoJo feels that Master P shouldn’t be jumping into this and handling Romeo’s issues. He tells Eric that while he respects the OG, he expects the same.

Angela doesn’t feel it’s fair everyone is getting involved in her drama with Romeo. Eric tells them Master P is going so hard about this due to Twist’s ICDC joke. Angela and everyone tells Eric that they didn’t receive an email from either Master P or Romeo. Angela then calls Romeo but he doesn’t answer. In fact, Vanessa points out that Romeo blocked Angela’s phone number.

Angela gets angry when Eric revealed what Master P and Romeo said about taking advantage of Angela after her baby father’s death. She tells Eric that there weren’t any romantic feelings for him and what Romeo said was disrespectful. She angrily says she doesn’t want to film with Romeo ever again. But she cools down and agrees to attend the meeting.

Egypt’s nervous to meet with Pepa.

Meanwhile, Egypt and Sam are nervous to explain their side of the story of what happened at Twist’s party. Pepa’s angry and Egypt’s nervous about this sit-down meeting with each other. When they begin talking, Sam gets outta dodge

Egypt explains what happened, including why she went to the party ready to throw hands. She explains to Pepa about a recent Twitter beef with Briana and she was angered by what she said. Egypt tells Pepa that she felt that Briana antagonized her during their conversation. Pepa was shocked to hear that Egypt hit Briana twice.

Egypt hears from Pepa that all of this feels like it’s tearing their family apart.

Lil Twist isn’t here for Romeo’s meeting.

Next, Lil Twist brings Boogie with him to a vintage clothing store. Eric comes in later to deliver Master P and Romeo’s meeting message. He tells them about his sit-down with P and Romeo and their grievances with everyone, including Twist’s ICDC joke. Boogie feels Romeo needs to get over it. Twist tells Eric that he’s not going and they need to talk to him directly and not use Eric as a messenger. Eric believes P and Romeo will be disappointed he won’t show up.

Boogie suggests he and Eric have a meeting with Romeo without Master P. He feels that Romeo doesn’t treat him or the rest of the cast as peers. Twist ends the scene with another joke about ICDC.

Sam talks for Egypt to Pepa.

Back at Pepa’s, Pepa is scolding Egypt and Sam about the event. Sam tells Pepa that Briana kicked a chair and put her hands in Egypt’s face. Egypt wanted Sam to talk to her because he memorized everything that happened at the event. He also tells Pepa that Briana said, [B****], hold my rings.”

Pepa’s apparently feels that Egypt was defending herself despite hitting Briana first. She feels that Briana was provoking Egypt and she knows how Briana can get. However, she tells Egypt that she has to keep her cool.

Boogie’s miffed about the meeting.

Meanwhile, Boogie FaceTimes Briana to talk about Master P and Romeo’s beef with everybody. Briana tells Boogie that they shouldn’t take Twist seriously. Twist was just joking. Boogie says that this meeting is BS and they should head to the meeting together. Briana also revealed that Romeo reached out to her in her DMs and they talked cordially. Apparently, she’s the only one he reached out too during filming.

At the end of the scene, Boogie vents to production about this situation.

Briana bonds with JoJo and Vanessa.

The next day, Tanice and JoJo greet Vanessa. JoJo saw the episode where Vanessa sat down with Master P and he did not like what P said about him. He really didn’t appreciate Master P not stepping to him at Romeo’s party when Angela confronted him. Briana also stopped by to talk about the meeting and Briana’s looking for clarity. JoJo explains to Briana what happened at Romeo’s going away party and how Romeo turned his back on him.

Briana then shows Romeo a very cryptic IG post that seems directed to the cast as a Jab. She’s trying to do her best to stay neutral as she likes the Simmons’ but knew how Romeo feels, somewhat.

Tee Tee and Tyran try to explain Sam’s involvement in Egypt’s altercation.

Meanwhile, Tee Tee and Tyran visit Pepa on a music video shoot to make sure she hears all sides of Egypt’s altercation with Briana. Pepa explains what she heard from Egypt and Tee Tee tells Pepa that she has to go into damage control mode. However, Pepa’s proud that Egypt stood up to Briana. Tee Tee feels Sam was more involved in everything than what was said. Tyran says something caused Briana to go off before she got punched, which he blames on Sam.

Tee Tee then says that if Briana struck back, it would’ve been World War 3. However, Pepa tells them that Briana needs to stop trying to parent Egypt.

Master P and Romeo show up to the meeting with their entourage.

Finally, it’s time for Master P and Romeo’s meeting and Boogie’s picking up Briana. Briana tells Boogie that if Sam and Egypt show up that she’s going to leave. Boogie says that he doesn’t have any beef with Romeo but Romeo needs to pick up the phone when he calls. They show up to the meeting first with Eric. Boogie’s frustrated to see Eric and Briana’s confused about why she’s here. Eric tells them that they are not part of the problem. For 45 minutes, no one showed up. Eventually, Master P and Romeo show up with their entourage. This miffs Boogie.

The episode ends with Boogie frustrated with this entire set up.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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