K. Michelle Drags Tamar Braxton & Makes Some Messy Accusations

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

It looks as if K. Michelle’s feud with Tamar Braxton is back on.

Recently, K. Michelle seemed to take some jabs at Tamar and make some very scandalous accusations. Prior to this, Tamar made an appearance on TS Madison’s YouTube show, “The Queens Supreme Court.”

When TS Madison asked Tamar if she would ever do a Verzuz with K. Michelle, Tamar didn’t answer the question. And this made TS Madison start laughing.

The moment went viral on social media and it’s possible K. Michelle took it as shade from Tamar because K. Michelle went in on Tamar on Instagram Live.

She once again referred to Tamar as a muppet.

K. Michelle said, “I don’t care what people say. I be seeing all the shade and all the little sh*t they throw. That ain’t nothing but the devil to try to take you off your pedestal. Take you off of where you at. Honey, nobody finin do that sh*t. Who gon be fighting their whole f*cking life? I’m not about to be…I’ve been fighting my whole f*cking life. I’m supposed to fight a b*tch with no edges? What the f*ck you mean? A muppet? I’m supposed to fight that? Cause something a motherf*cker said, I’m supposed to fight a muppet? How I’m supposed to slay a muppet? Got d*mn. Still talking, still running they motherf*cking mouth. I got a big motherf*cking d*ck for you to put up your motherf*cking throat. You feel me?”

She added, “Motherf*ckers want me to fight with a cartoon character.”

Then the messy accusations came. K. Michelle said, “You can’t f*cking go around talking bout nobody when you were sleeping with a married man. When you was sleeping with a married man. You were sleeping with Jermaine Dupri’s daddy. How you sleep with Jermaine Dupri’s daddy? And get your a*s beat by Jermaine Dupri’s momma in an elevator. But you want to talk to me? You want to talk about me? I don’t f*ck married men. Hmm…but you so holy.”

When some of her followers asked if these accusations are true, K. Michelle said, “Telling the truth. I ain’t never lied. Got drug up out that elevator. Woop! Woop! You know who you are. Woop! Got drug up out that elevator. Next!”

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