‘Married to Medicine LA’ Star Jazmin Johnson Goes Too Far with Dr. Kendra Segura?

Photo Credit: Bravo

“Married to Medicine LA” star Jazmin Johnson is very serious when it comes to her health and weight. Fans have noticed that she’s very dedicated, and this is clear with her eating habits, as well as her love of working out. This is documented plenty on the show, as well as social media.

And on the recent episode, Dr. Imani Walker was taken aback by the fact that Jazmin only used a “tasting cup” while they were at an ice cream shop.

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why Dr. Kendra Segura tapped Jazmin to help her lose weight. Kendra has been feeling insecure about the fact that she gained weight after giving birth to her first child. And she really wants to lose the weight to feel like her old self again.

So Jazmin has put Kendra on a very strict diet that will help her cut down unhealthy goods. She’s also been working out with Kendra to show her how to also exercise to meet her weight goal.

However, Kendra may start to regret her decision of asking for Jazmin’s help on the upcoming episode. This is due to the fact that Jazmin’s strict ways of losing weight become a focal point as the group celebrates Shanique Drummond’s birthday.

After Jazmin seemingly goes too far in her attempt to help Kendra, the other women can’t help but notice. And Dr. Britten Cole even calls her out.

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