‘Married to Medicine LA’ Star Jazmin Johnson Goes Too Far with Dr. Kendra Segura?

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Jazmin Johnson has made her dedication to living a healthy life known. And this sometimes becomes a topic of conversation for the other women on “Married to Medicine LA.” Quad Webb has already noticed Jazmin’s diet. In a green screen interview, Quad said she felt Jazmin’s diet was too extreme. However, it is working for Jazmin and she has a great body. But Quad made it clear that she doesn’t have to have the same diet to look just as good.

Dr. Imani Walker was stunned when Jazmin would only eat ice cream from a “tasting cup” while they were at an ice cream shop.

Regardless, Dr. Kendra Segura admired Jazmin’s dedication. So she asked Jazmin to help her lose weight.

Kendra has been feeling insecure because she gained weight as a new mom. So she wants to lose weight to get back to her old self.

Jazmin has been helping her do that by putting Kendra on a strict diet and working out with her. But when the ladies get together for Shanique Drummond’s birthday, Jazmin notices that Kendra has cornbread on her plate.

Apparently, Kendra’s new diet requires that she stays away from bread. So Jazmin gets up and asks Kendra if she can take the cornbread off her plate.

As the other ladies look on, the shock is clear on all their faces. And they feel Jazmin may have gone too far. Dr. Britten Cole even calls Jazmin out about this.

Check out the preview for the upcoming episode below.

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