‘Married to Medicine LA’ Star Dr. Imani Walker Reveals Her Husband is Unbothered by Divorce Request

Photo Credit: Bravo

Dr. Imani Walker probably thought her husband Phil Johnson heading back to Oklahoma was a good business move. So she showed full support of his decision, and she figured they would be able to see each other during his time away.

But as time went on, Phil didn’t really seem all that interested in making travel plans to see his wife. She began to miss him.

Imani then decided that maybe she should be the one to make plans to go to Oklahoma. So when she asked Phil if he wants her to just hop on a plane and come to him, Phil’s response was disinterest. In fact, he told Imani that he really just needs to focus on his new weed dispensary.

To no surprise, Phil’s response hurt Imani’s feelings. She asked for a divorce and she gives an update to her mother on the upcoming episode.

During their conversation, Imani says that Phil was so unbothered that he asked Imani to just send him his things so she doesn’t have to come back home.

So Imani is trying to figure out how she’s supposed to break the divorce news to her son Idris. And she’s hurt that Phil would sacrifice his marriage for his new business.

Paula Madison, Imani’s mother, tells her that she can’t change people. So she urges Imani to break the news to Idris as soon as possible and have Phil FaceTime so he’s involved in the conversation.

You can check out the preview below.

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