‘Friends & Family Hustle’ Fans Call out Tiny Harris Amid Deyjah Harris & TI Controversy

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The latest season of “Friends And Family Hustle,” has been a very controversial one. This is due to comments TI made about his daughter Deyjah Harris while guest appearing on the “Ladies Likes Us” podcast. On there, TI discussed parenting. And he revealed how he’s been dealing with the perceived difficulties of having daughters.

In fact, TI claimed that he takes Deyjah to the gynecologist to make sure her hymen is intact. According to TI, this is the best way to confirm that his daughter is still a virgin.

Once his comments went viral, a lot of people had plenty to say on social media. And most of it was criticism of TI. Many accused TI of embarrassing his daughter and not respecting Deyjah’s privacy. He was also accused of misogyny as well. Then of course, he was called out for not understanding that the hymen isn’t actually foolproof as a virginity indicator.

Regardless of how much backlash TI has been receiving, his wife Tiny Harris has been receiving some as well.

Some viewers of the show didn’t like some of the things she had to say about the situation. They felt as if Tiny defended TI at times and she wasn’t empathetic enough about Deyjah’s feelings. Tiny was also accused of not doing much to help resolve things, too. And some folks don’t feel as if being a stepmother means she doesn’t have to involve herself.

And after the latest episode, the criticism is only getting worse.

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