‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Ryan Checks His Baby Momma Rachel?

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ryan’s journey as a businessman has been the focal point of “Black Ink Crew Chicago.” And owning his own tattoo shop hasn’t been easy. In fact, he’s lost some friends along the way. And now he’s not on good terms with Ceaser from the New York show. But this is mainly due to rumors about Ryan and Miss Kitty sleeping together.

So Ryan’s love life is another popular topic of the show. Although many fans are wondering if he will ever get serious with Kitty, his baby momma Rachel is someone he has a lot of history with.

They wanted to make things work but after Ryan cheated with Kat, Rachel was done. She’s not sure that she can ever trust Ryan again. And she felt like Ryan crossed the line messing around with an employee while they were together. Despite this, Ryan has still been holding out hope that Rachel could eventually change her mind. And when she does, they can get back together and be a family.

In the meantime, the rumors about Ryan and his dating life won’t be stopping anytime soon. Especially, with people keeping an eye out on who he’s flirting with on social media, as well as who’s flirting right back.

Perhaps, this could be of interest to Rachel. On the preview for the upcoming season of “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Ryan appears to check Rachel for what could be her interest in his personal life.

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