A1 Bentley’s Mom Pam Bentley Tries to Attack Lyrica Anderson

A1 The Conversation Zeus Network
Photo Credit: Zeus Network

“Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” stars A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson have been through quite a lot during their time on the show. Their parents also had plenty of explosive blow-ups.

Lyrica accused A1 of cheating multiple times, including during the most recent season when he admitted to sleeping with Summer Bunny. As a result, A1 and Lyrica have been on the rocks as of late and at the end of the season, their relationship seemed to be on the outs.

In fact, Lyrica moved out of her home with A1 and called for a divorce.

Things are at a point now where divorce is inevitable without serious intervention. This is where their co-stars Princess Love and Ray J were months ago. While Ray J and Princess discussed their marriage, they joined with the streaming platform Zeus Network to stage an intervention. However, “The Conversation” wasn’t enough to fix things and Princess would later file for divorce.

The next installment of “The Conversation,” which premieres July 5th on Zeus Network, will feature A1, Lyrica, and their parents, Lyrica Garrett and Pam Bentley.

Things will get so intense for everyone involved that security has to intervene multiple times.

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