Deyjah Harris’ Mom Gives Update on Relationships with TI & Tiny After Controversy

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TI still has “Friends & Family Hustle” fans talking about the latest episode. But he’s been in the headlines for months due to his comments about his daughter Deyjah Harris. While making a guest appearance on the “Ladies Like Us” podcast, he claimed he takes Deyjah to the gynecologist annually. And he does this to check her hymen and make sure she’s still a virgin.

To no surprise, his comments instantly were met with backlash.

Deyjah wasn’t happy with her father’s comments either. In fact, she felt as if he violated her privacy and it was traumatizing for him to say this to the world.

The situation has caused a strain in their relationship. And at first, TI had a hard time understanding why what he did was so hurtful. He claimed he was just telling a dad joke. And he exaggerated many details.

On the show, TI stated that he did take Deyjah to the gynecologist but this occurred after she tried to sneak out to be with a young man. So she needs to understand that actions like that do have consequences. Regardless, Deyjah believes TI isn’t strict with her brothers. And she’s seen TI joke about King having sex and becoming a baby daddy.

Tiny Harris understood where TI was coming from. She also said that people need to understand that there is a difference between raising sons and raising daughters. However, one person who agreed that Deyjah is treated unfairly is Deyjah’s mom Renika. So she told TI how she felt about it and she also told him she believed he was being misogynistic.

This conversation made TI think about things some more and he later apologized for making the comments.

Recently, Renika gave an update on where she stands with TI and Tiny now.

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