‘Married to Medicine’ Star Quad Webb Says She Didn’t Adopt a Daughter

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Mariah’s time could be up.

Quad Webb is expected to return for the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine.” Her last two seasons on the show have been eventful. Her feud with Mariah Huq has managed to get uglier. At a previous reunion, Quad accused Mariah of using drugs after Mariah wouldn’t deny that Quad slept with her former brother in law.

Their feud affected the rest of the women on the show. And at times, their costars complained that Quad and Mariah’s issues were exhausting to deal with. However, Mariah has still not received her contract for season 8. So it’s unclear if she will be on the show next season.

Quad opens up more about the new baby.

Interestingly enough, many have been anticipating that next season Quad will be focusing on being a new mom instead of feuds. Weeks ago, Quad revealed during an interview that a baby girl had just entered her life. And she would be taking care of the child with the help of her mother. She also said that they would have custody of her.

Quad was even looking for a house that would be suitable for the child.

Of course, Quad’s fans were excited about the news.

But fans may need to pump their brakes. Quad decided to clear some things up with a statement to The Daily Dish. And she said that the child is not her adopted daughter. But she and her mother have a supportive role in the child’s life. While they are happy about the new addition to their family, the baby girl, named Ari, has a mother.

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