'Friends & Family Hustle' Recap: Toya Gets Her Fairytale Ending with Red


‘Friends & Family Hustle’ Recap: Toya Gets Her Fairytale Ending with Red

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Reginae is filled in.

Red talks to Reginae about his plans to propose. He wants her blessing. Of course, he gets it. This makes Reginae so happy that she breaks down in tears. She brings up the fact that her parents had her when they were very young. So she never really had a family foundation growing up since Lil Wayne and Toya split when she was just five years old.

Reginae is the first person Red has told about the upcoming proposal. So she’s honored to keep the secret.

Deyjah and TI take baby steps.

After the Deyjah controversy, TI is advised to step back from his human trafficking PSA with Cyntoia Brown. Instead, Tiny will take TI’s place. He reluctantly agrees.

Deyjah and TI see each other after weeks of not speaking. At the family dinner, it’s clear they are taking baby steps. And Deyjah just really wants to stay out of the spotlight for a while. In a green screen interview, TI says that he and Deyjah had a very productive conversation about everything.

New chapters begin. 

Monica has some people come out to the studio to listen to her new music. Tiny, Toya, LeToya, and Jermaine Dupri are in attendance. She confirms that she’s going to be rapping under her alter ego Bands. Everyone is impressed by what they hear and Monica feels good about the new chapter of her life.

LeToya and Tommi are in a great place. After shooting a video for one of her Christmas songs, they talk about having another baby. This is now something both of them want to do, so they set up an appointment with a fertility specialist.

It’s the day that the women shoot the PSA. They are joined by Cyntoia Brown. Although TI did not shoot any part of it, he’s there in support. And everyone is proud of the finished product.

The proposal is nearly spoiled.

While Red and Toya are en route for the big night, the proposal is almost ruined when Toya’s mom Nita texts a photo of Toya’s father Walter with her sister Beedy. But Toya still doesn’t put two and two together. And she’s not sure if her father is in Atlanta or New Orleans.

While Red and Toya ride on a helicopter, Toya reads “Toya, will you marry me?” on top of one of the buildings. She hugs him and starts crying.

When they get out of the helicopter, he tells Toya he loves the woman she has become and he gets on bended knee to ask her to marry him. She cries and says yes. And she loves her engagement ring. Her close friend Danielle helped Red pick it out.

LeToya has some good news of her own.

Red later takes Toya to their engagement party. Toya is happy to see everyone there and Reginae is full of happy tears. While giving her speech, Toya says that she’s thankful Red came into her life. He’s a great man and he was raised by two amazing parents. And she’s excited that they will soon become husband and wife.

Everyone is happy for the couple, including LeToya and Tommi. LeToya confirms she’s pregnant with baby number two.

What are your thoughts on the season finale?

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  1. Tiffani Young

    June 30, 2020 at 10:20 pm

    Congratulations to both Toya’s. I am happy that you all are happy.

  2. Sylvia Lucas

    July 1, 2020 at 11:05 am

    God plans shines like a diamond every time. Congratulations to both of you.
    Shining like diamonds you two..👍😁

    • Sylvia Lucas

      July 1, 2020 at 11:08 am

      😁😁😁 Red and Toya.

      • Sylvia Lucas

        July 1, 2020 at 11:19 am

        😁😁😃😄😄 my faces should be happy not mean.. my phone is acting up. I love you guys .

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