‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Heavenly Kimes Responds to Mariah Huq’s Latest Accusations

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“Married to Medicine” star Mariah Huq recently opened up plenty in a recent interview. She had a lot of things to say about the show and what she claimed took place behind the scenes. She made a lot of accusations about Purveyors of Pop, the production company that happens to be in charge.

At this point, Mariah doesn’t think she will ever get a contract for season 8. She also said that she is treated unfairly by the producers. In fact, Mariah accused the producers of not allowing her to wear a hijab while filming her green screen interviews. She also said that she was not allowed to be a part of the Houston and LA shows even though she’s the creator of the franchise.

When it comes to having the power to fire and hire, Mariah said that in her contract, it was stated that she would have power. So she’s puzzled as to why she has not been able to have any outside of the casting choices she made at the beginning of the show’s history.

Mariah is so fed up with not being a part of the franchise that she created that she’s now ready to fight back in court. And when it comes to the drug accusations made by Quad Webb, she’s convinced now that the accusations were used to push her off the show.

She also questioned why Phaedra Parks was booted from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” but Quad has not been disciplined for accusing Mariah of being on drugs.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Heavenly Kimes addressed Mariah’s comments. And she had some things to say about Buffie Purselle and Dr. Simone Whitmore’s fallout, too.

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