‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Teddy Responds to Criticism of His Interracial Relationship

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“Black Ink Crew” star Teddy has had an eventful love life on the show. And fans know that the ups and downs have been well documented over the last eight seasons. History has shown that Teddy has no issue dating women who work at the shop. The relationships usually end in the most disastrous ways and cause drama at Ceaser’s place of business.

When Teddy dated Jadah Blue, his interest in Tati caused things to go left quickly. The two women came to blows and Jadah was eventually fired after she damaged Teddy’s car.

Although things started off great with Tati, they would later part ways after Tati struggled to trust that Teddy wouldn’t start a romance with someone else who worked at Black Ink. So an outing with Krystal resulted in her going off on Teddy who then promptly ended the relationship.

Now Teddy has found love with his current girlfriend Euni. The others on the show didn’t find out about the relationship until Teddy posted about Euni on social media. And it was assumed Teddy had secretly gotten married.

However, Teddy would eventually reveal that he didn’t marry Euni. But he thinks they will get married in the near future. So he wears a wedding band to remind him not to mess things up.

While many have expressed happiness for Teddy, some have been critical of the relationship. So when someone recently had something to say about him being in an interracial relationship, Teddy didn’t hold back.

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