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‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star A1 Bentley Compares Himself to Russell Wilson

Photo Credit: The Zeus Network/YouTube

Lyrica and A1 haven’t made any progress.

A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson’s marriage problems have been front and center on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.” While they may have had some sweet moments, fans of the show know that there have been more downs. In fact, A1 has cheated on Lyrica and she’s had enough of his unfaithful ways.

Regardless, A1 wanted to save their marriage. So his last attempt is their appearance on “The Conversation.” On The Zeus Network show, the former couple gets real about the state of their relationship. Things go left, too. In fact, A1’s mother Pam Bentley threatened to assault Lyrica with a rock.

Pam and Lyrica’s mother Lyrica G. also have some intense moments. They nearly come to blows as well. So the show’s security team has to step in and stop things from getting violent. In fact, they had their work cut out for them because they had to intervene multiple times. And this isn’t surprising considering things have been contentious between all four for years now.

When progress has been made, regression happens immediately after.

A1 compares himself to Russell Wilson.

But before things get intense on “The Conversation,” A1 makes it clear to Lyrica how he sees himself. He actually thinks he’s on par with Ciara’s husband and NFL star Russell Wilson. Russell has been in the headlines plenty due to his romantic treatment of Ciara.

During the conversation, A1 says, “Not every Ciara is gonna run into a Russell. There aren’t a lot out there.”

Lyrica then says, “Man, she got her one.”

At this point, A1 responds with, “And I’m like a Russell. So…”

You can check out the clip below.


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“The Conversation” premieres on July 5 at 8 pm on the Zeus Network.


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